OPINION | What to do with Penn Avenue?

Seems like soon as I arrive at one of these open houses for community transit planning, there’s a particular biking enthusiast who pounces and bends my ear for a few minutes. The Nov. 13 open house for Penn Avenue planning held at the Harrison community center was no exception.


America did not learn from the Kerner Report, history repeats itself in Ferguson

(Photo by Fibonacci Blue published under Creative Commons License) Students at South High School held a sit in for four and half hours, the length of time Michael Brown's body was on the street after he was killed. Then they walked out and marched to the Minneapolis police 3rd precinct.

“The police are not merely a ‘spark’ factor. To some Negroes police have come to symbolize white power, white racism and white repression.


Northside Voice: Lydia

Lydia pictured here with her daughter.

This story told through a transcript from an interview with Lydia.


Ahmed Tharwat: A letter from the mother of 16-year-old arrested by Egyptian security

I received this poetic letter from an Egyptian mother, where Abo Elbaraa, her 16 year old son was arrested , 1/12/2014 sent to detention in EL Merg, Mansoura, (my home town) put on trial as an adult, tortured, and abused in prison… ,he was accused of threatening national security for flashing Rabaa sign being in one of the protests that is taken place daily in Egypt. I cant verify her story but what is going on in Egypt now… I have seen worst…!! please give her a word of support.


Ahmed Tharwat: Thomas Friedman, a man with big ideas

Thomas Friedman, the winner of three Pulitzer prizes, the New York Times foreign affairs columnist, with host of bestseller books, a man known for his big ideas.


Twin Cities celebrates Transgender Day of Remembrance

(Photo by Ted Eytan published under Creative Commons License)

Stoned to death. Stabbed 33 times. Pushed out of a moving car then run over. When hate and fear rage out of control, people destroy by any means necessary. Eighty-one transgender people were murdered in the past year throughout the world.


OPINION | KSTP and Pointergate: Not as surprising as we want to believe

KSTP’s outrageous Pointergate story has caused quite the stir on the Internet. Daily Kos called it the most racist piece of journalism in 2014. I think it fits right in with the stories that suggest that Black people are going to riot if there isn’t a grand jury indictment of Darren Wilson in the Mike Brown Jr. case.


OPINION | MN Child Protection League continues its assault on LGBT community

The MN Child Protection League Action PAC [CPLActionPAC] issued an action alert to their current followers concerning the Transgender Athletic Policy coming up for a vote on December 4, 2014. They claim that the Minnesota State High School League [MSHSL] is not listening to “you” and have urged their members to call the MSHSL and regurgitate their tired talking points to oppose the policy.


Garth Brooks: Well worth the hour wait

Country music star Garth Brooks and his stunning wife Trisha Yearwood came to Minneapolis with a boom.

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