March for peace on March 21

Organizing against a war might make some folks weary if they remember how long they’ve been doing it.


Obama nominates Katherine Simonds Dhanani as first U.S. Ambassador to Somalia in 24 years

President Barack Obama has nominated the first U.S. ambassador to Somalia in 24 years.


Becoming a Lao Restauranteur: Eric Virakhone Panya

Eric Virakhone Panya at his restaurant.

When I first moved to Fort Worth, Texas in July 2013, I was told that there was vibrant Lao community nearby. In fact, according to the U.S.


Wisconsin workers again battle Walker’s anti-labor steamroller

Protestors filled the streets Tuesday outside the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., as the state Senate passed Right to Work legislation. Photo courtesy of Wisconsin AFL-CIO


Remembering David Carr

The steady stream of beeps and bloops and rings began shortly before 10 p.m.


Map Monday: The Second Great African-American Migration

Here’s a timely map for you for MLK day, showing the “second migration” of African-Americans from the South to the North following World War II.


Brief Analyzes Political Impact of Projected Eligible 2016 Voters of Color in Key Battleground States

Photo by John Morton, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

The political implications of the nation’s changing demographics are already being felt in many states across the country.


Crop insurance: Good enough for Monsanto, good enough for sustainable agriculture

From the fact-is-stranger-than-fiction department: In 2007, Monsanto talked the USDA’s Risk Management Agency into giving farmers a discount on crop insurance premiums if they planted the company’s triple-stacked GMO corn. Reportedly, some reviewers of the proposal raised concerns that the premium subsidy would unfairly benefit a single private company.

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