Republicans having meta-argument over frac sand mining

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So there’s the underlying issue of frac sand mining, and the issue of who correctly construed who, as Republican gubernatorial campaigns go after each other. For the part of the story about Republicans going after each other, Bill Kuisle, running for lieutenant governor with GOP gubernatorial endorsee Jeff Johnson, said it makes sense to delay frac sand mining so the effects can be studied.


Does Minnesota Republican frac sand fight reflect Kurt Zellers' rainmakers? Bluestem Prairie digs in

With the Republican gubernatorial primary less than a month away, the campaigns are departing from Gaylord B. Parkinson's 11th Commandment for endorsement battles as they try to distinguish their brand for those likely to cast ballots in the August 12 vote.


Decline in hunting permits shows shifting leisure trends

The romantic image of the hunter in Minnesota’s popular culture will continue to hold substantial weight with many Minnesotans. However, this image is becoming increasingly inaccurate. From our history as a leader in the fur trapping industry during the 18th and 19th centuries to annual expeditions for the November deer hunting season opener, Minnesotan’s relationship with hunting can be described as quixotic at best. We're not hunting nearly as much as we thought we were.


Minnesota ends budget year on a high note

Minnesota ended the recent budget year stronger than expected, according to preliminary analysis from Minnesota Management & Budget.


Where are the Minnesota Republican primary votes? A look at August 2012's Senate contest

There hasn't been a competitive Republican gubernatorial primary in decades, since the Carlson- Quist battle pitted the incumbent against a more conservative endorsed candidate in the 1990s.


Sen. John Marty to introduce an anti-poverty 'Worker Dignity Bill' in upcoming session

Poverty in Minnesota has been the subject of much talk and some action. From 2008’s “Commission on Ending Poverty in Minnesota by 2020” to other currently ongoing groups and commissions, ending poverty in Minnesota remains a work in progress. Minnesota State Senator John Marty intends to be in the frontlines of the anti-poverty fight.


Tipped worker pay stirs up minimum wage debate

Patrick Moen gives a drink to a customer at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery on July 7, 2014. Moen is one of many servers whose wages could be capped at $8 an hour if advocates successfully push for a tipped employee tier next session. (Photo by Samuel Harper)

Though Minnesota lawmakers recently raised the state’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2016, servers and other tipped employees can expect to see a push to lock in their wages at a lower hourly rate.

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