Noticias sobre el Centro de Desarrollo Económico Latino

¡Felicidades a los graduados recientes del curso de micro-empresa dado por la organización del vecindario Corcoran! En colaboración con Marisa Hernández y su equipo de entrenadores del Centro para Desarrollo Económico Latino (, este curso duró cinco semanas y fue enfocado en informar y empoderar residentes locales interesados en empezar su propio empresa local. Catorce participantes fueron capacitados en planeación y administración de empresas, contabilidad, proceso de préstamos, servicio al cliente, mercadotecnia y publicidad. Con esta nueva información, estos individuales están preparados a ayudar aumentar su economía local con sus ideas de negocios.


Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) update

Congratulations to the graduates of the recent small business training held at the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization with the Mujeres en Acción y Poder. In collaboration with Marisa Hernandez and her group of trainers from the Latino Economic Development Center (, this five-week course focused on informing and empowering local residents interested in starting their local businesses. Fourteen participants were trained on business planning and administration, accounting, loan procedures, customer service, marketing and publicity. With this new information, these individuals are now prepared to help boost the local economy with their business ideas.


Latino vote matters in Minnesota's 2014 elections

“Your right to vote is one of the most basic rights you have as an American,” -American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The focus of the current article is the history of the Latino Vote in the United States and Minnesota, its impact, and the necessity for Latinos to vote in the 2014 Midterm Elections.


CTUL's Merle Payne talks organizing the "unorganizable"

(Photos by Joel Haskard)

At 40 years old, Merle Payne is soft-spoken with a trim beard and unassuming nature. He is the co-director of Centro de Trabajodores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL), an organization “where workers build power to lead the struggle for fair wages, better working conditions, basic respect, and a voice in our workplaces.” CTUL made national headlines recently by winning a Responsible Contractor Policy with Target that will be implemented for new cleaning contracts at their stores in the metro area.


Asylum applications not as easy as "A-B-C"

Several weeks ago Jon Stewart joked that it seemed entirely reasonable for unaccompanied minors to traverse the complex network of the United States asylum process without legal representation. Stewart began rambling off forms N-400, I-130, and I-140 (none of which will grant you asylum) as routes to obtain different immigration statuses. Stewart quipped, “If they didn’t fill out the forms, can’t we just deport them?” And to the heartless adults willing to ask that question, I say, “Try doing it yourself.”


GLOBAL GROCERIES | Cinco de Mayo Mercado deserves its many fans

(Photos by Stephanie Fox)

I came across Cinco de Mayo Mercado almost by accident.


Twin Cities Saudi woman bridges gap between Islamic and Western worlds through art

(Courtesy of Hend Al-Mansour) Twin Cities artists Hend Al-Mansour and Michal Sagar collaborated in creating “Shadow Sisters."

Have you seen the tree trunk standing before a corner house where Hague Avenue intersects with Pierce Street north in St. Paul?


Minnesota state officials scramble to calm Ebola fears

As fear grips West Africa with an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus wreaking havoc in unprepared countries — Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leona and Nigeria — the Minnesota Department of Health is in a race to calm fears of a possible Ebola outbreak in the Twin Cities.

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