St. Paul forum targets gentrification with creative tax ideas

Melvin Carter III speaking at forum (Photo by Sheila Regan)

St. Paul City Council Members Melvin Carter III and Russ Stark met with residents and community groups from around the Central Corridor to discuss measures to prevent gentrification as a result of the future Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (LRT).  Over two hundred community members attended the meeting at the Ober Community Center in Rondo, the neighborhood where a vibrant African community was shattered in the 1960s with the construction of I-94.


Local landlord sues MHNA

After six weeks of waiting for Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association to respond to a data practices request, property owner Jason Klohs has sued MHNA for violation of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.


Fighting home foreclosure

As the US Congress considers financial reform, citizens are still feeling the effects of predatory lending by bailed-out banks. Five women from Minneapolis are fighting for their homes.


Attention slumlords: Take your boulevard signs and shove 'em

This should have been my weekend with my son, Alex, but an emergency with live cargo flew me on short notice to Tucson, Arizona. With the help of a strong work ethic and enormous amounts of caffeine, I drove back in time to salvage today, Sunday, for visitation.


NEWS DAY | Minnesotans losing homes

A record 92,500 Minnesota homes are either in foreclosure or in danger of foreclosure, reports th


zAmya Theater Project: Housed and homeless actors telling their own stories

Photo by Cathy ten Broeke, courtesy zAmya Theater Project

This week the zAmya Theater Project's sixth season debuts in honor of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.


Help for homeless veterans

Veterans have long represented a sizable percentage of the homeless population - approximately one-fifth of all homeless people.


NEWS DAY | Home prices down – and up

The Star Tribune reports that median home prices fell across the country during the third quarter of 2009,

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