Extreme Makeover continues in St. Paul

Despite drizzle and rain most of Monday and Tuesday, crowds of spectators still formed, fascinated by the buzz of activity and speed of the construction. (All photos by Dusty Hoskovec)


Congressman Keith Ellison talks foreclosures

Congressman Keith Ellison hosted a Foreclosure Crisis Town Hall Forum and Resource Fair Monday evening in Minneapolis.


OPINION | Turning to jail for a better life

A July newspaper headline said it all: "Homeless man decides jail's better than the streets." A 61 year old homeless man in Rochester decided that the only way he could get food and a roof over his head was to go to jail. So he broke some windows at an auto dealer, turned himself in at the police department and asked that they put him in jail.


Cardboard Box City: Youth pledge to combat homelessness

Photos from last year's Cardboard Box City.

When youth from around the state gather at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on October 15, they'll bring their sleeping bags and toothbrushes - and big cardboard boxes.


NEWS DAY | Keeping secrets in St. Paul

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is coming to the West Side, but nobody is revealing the exact location, MORE »

Bank Weaknesses Show Slow Recovery; Minnesota Needs a Housing Plan

Despite proclamations that the worst is over and that certain economic indicators suggest a recovery is at least in site, bank data assembled by state and federal regulators show Minnesotans face a long wait for a sustainable recovery.


Developing affordable housing strategies along the Central Corridor

The city of St. Paul is trying to "manage growth and change" that is expected to arise from the future Central Corridor Light Rail transit line, Nancy Homans, policy director to Mayor Coleman, told a group that gathered as part of a monthly discussion series hosted by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota on Friday, September 18.

Maintaining affordable housing along the nearly $1 billion line that will link Minneapolis and St. Paul is a priority, but opinions on how to do so vary, Homans said. Some people advocate for a hands-off approach, she explained, adding that they theorize that "public investment is enough and the market will do the rest," she said.


Foreclosure stats create murky picture of housing crisis

Photo: Paul Demko, Minnesota Independent

Are housing foreclosures in Minnesota on the increase in 2009?


Potential housing assistance plan shared

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency could have more than $1.4 billion in new funding available to support affordable housing programs for a two-year period


Pawlenty's county cuts will lead to higher property taxes

Since last December, Governor Pawlenty has unilaterally cut state investment in Minnesota's counties by $144 million using his unallotment authority.  After the 2010 unallotment announced in June,

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