Writing in (on) the streets

Minneapolis is a city with a commitment to “community”—there is this desire to participate in community events, meet our neighbors, be outdoors together and find new ways to interact with new neighbors and different cultures. Summer typically showcases this attitude but in Kingfield we saw a post-summer example this past weekend during Nicollet Open Streets.


North Minneapolis residents fight out-of-state investors, poor maintenance

(Photo courtesy of Connie Beckers)

If you’re a landlord in the city of Minneapolis, you already have the home field advantage when it comes to the rental game. But some North Minneapolis residents say they’re tired of out-of-state landlords playing hardball with their neighborhoods.


Metropolitan Council calls for affordable housing

The Twin Cities metro and the University of Minnesota area need more housing — especially affordable units — to stave off a looming housing deficit, according to the Metropolitan Council’s long-term housing plan.


TCE lawsuit inches on, Southeast Como organizes outreach

While Southeast Como neighborhood residents’ concerns about harmful vapors in their homes continue to linger, a lawsuit against General Mills is moving forward.


Photo essay captures bizarre phenomena of college move-in week

(Photos by Wendy Schreier)

Last week photographer Wendy Schreier witnessed something many college students overlook entirely. Her latest photo essay captures the bizarre phenomena of move-in week.


Power of the people behind Edina's 66 West approval

Remarks to the congregation at Edina Community Lutheran Church by Lee Blons after the Edina City Council vote Sept. 2 allowed 66 West to move forward


Six reasons why Hmong Americans should vote this year

(Photo by Tiffany Vang)

Historically, the Hmong community has had one of the lowest voter turnouts, but with outreach campaigns there have been considerable advances made in increasing a Hmong voting bloc in Minnesota.


Minneapolis explores allowing "granny flats"

Should Minneapolis residents be able to build additional, small dwellings on their property?


R and R for all, at home or under the stars

I’m a Minnesotan, I suppose, since I’ve been here longer than anywhere I’ve ever lived before. And as a Minnesotan, I camp. If I were to assign a taxonomic rank to my camping it would be: Princess. Not quite of the species Glamping — oh no, I’m still too much of a Midwesterner for that, but certainly no direct relation to the Roughing Itfamily either.


Dinkytown hopes for commercial boost with new apartments

(Photo by Elizabeth Brumley) Students and parents bring belongings to their apartments on move-in day at The Venue on Friday, Aug. 29, 2014. The Venue is a new luxury apartment complex on campus.

After summer construction on new luxury apartment complexes in Dinkytown kept foot and car traffic at bay, about a thousand potential customers made the area their home last week.

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