Minneapolis is hitting the trifecta

If you’re a millennial and you’re looking for a job in a new city, you might have read (or want to read) the November 19th article in The Atlantic about “why it’s so hard for millenials to find a place to live and work”. The problem, it seems, is that the cities with the most upward mobility and the highest median incomes are also the cities with the least affordable housing.


Transit-oriented development: Quality over quantity

A colleague of mine (from a more urban city) recently visited. When he arrived, I offered to show him around and he wanted to see transit-oriented development (TOD). Hmm…. I wanted to impress him, but I was stumped. Despite all our attention as a city and region to TODs, I don’t believe we have any great transit villages right off the platform where we could go that would really resonate with him. There’s Nicollet Mall and Target Field Station, but I wanted him to say, “wow, this is great!,” but I didn’t feel those would produce that response. Maybe I have impossibly high standards (maybe I’m just getting old and codgery), or maybe the Twin Cities is lagging a bit in the TOD quality department. So I took him for a drive along the West River Parkway and to West River Commons, which impressed him. This begs the question what is TOD and how can we do it better?


When best isn't good enough to end child homelessness

Nearly 1 million more children are homeless in our country than in 2010, according to a new report called "America's Youngest Outcasts," by the American Institutes for Research and The National Center on Family Homelessness. One in 30 children in the nation is experiencing homelessness. The report is based on recently released 2012-2013 data.


The impending decline of second-ring suburbs

There is a small war going on in America’s second-ring suburbs.


The broad base of ADU boosters

Who wants to talk about granny flats some more?! By now, I hope you’ve read Bill Lindeke’s post on the subject, Max Musicant’s post on how it relates to preservation, and Alex Cecchini’s ideas on how to improve the draft ordinance. Most of Alex’s suggestions were incorporated into the new and improved draft ordinance, which is contained in the staff report. If you haven’t read the 82-page PDF on ADUs yet, you’re forgiven. The report was prepared by planners from the Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) department for the City Planning Commission, who will be considering the issue this Monday, November 10, around 5:00 pm. Here’s the report’s big takeaway: A lot of people like the idea of legalizing backyard cottages and attic apartments for many different reasons.


How you can help celebrate Veterans Day

(Photo by DVIDSHUB published under Creative Commons License)

My brother was a homeless veteran. Since his death, Veterans Day isn't just another meaningless federal holiday. I'm grateful that two years before my brother died, he found housing. Yet over 57,000 veterans are homeless each night, according to HUD. Sixty percent of them are in shelters, the rest un-sheltered. Nearly 5,000 are female.


Neighborhoods Organizing for Change Q&A: Hennepin County Sheriff candidates

Sheriff Rich Stanek, left, and challenger Eddie Frizell, right.

This fall NOC has been getting out the vote by engaging thousands of community members in the electoral process.


The Family Place, day shelter for homeless families, launches Montessori program

Dr. Margaret Lovejoy

The Family Place (244 E.10th St., Saint Paul), the only day shelter for homeless families in Ramsey County, is finally getting into gear their long-awaited Montessori program, all thanks to the generosity of 10-year-old Bella Lauer.


Cedar-Riverside residents voice concern with area homelessness

(Photo by August Schwerdfeger published under Creative Commons License)

At a Cedar-Riverside neighborhood meeting earlier this month, a Somali elder stood and addressed attendees, painting an image of a recent frightening encounter with what he believed was a gang of drunken, homeless individuals.

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