Reduce Affordable Housing Need in Three Steps

Source: Minnesota Housing Partnership

This is part 3 of a series on the interaction between the rental housing market and rents.


EMERGE Wins $10,000 Room Makeover Through Community Vote

EMERGE kids celebrate

On March 9th, EMERGE announced that they won the Twin Cities IKEA Life Improvement Co-worker Challenge.


City ordinance could increase fees for owners of third-tier properties

A Minneapolis police car.

Minneapolis wants compliance from landlords with high-maintenance properties.

The Minneapolis City Council is considering an ordinance this spring that could charge landlords w


An Orthy Adversary: The Battle of Orth House, as told by a local internet junkie

I spend too much time on the internet. The internet has lots to offer for every noble desire and depravity imaginable. A lot of what it has to offer is a respite from boredom.


The Sheltering Arms House Rehab is Complete

The Sheltering Arms House, at 2648 Emerson Ave N, had a pre-open house on Saturday.

Shelter Report: Heading Home?

Glen is headed back to Scotland where he hasn't lived for 35 years. During many of those years in the U.S., he's been a steelworker, hanging rebar in skyscrapers.


Is Fair Housing Fair?

It depends on who you are.  Fair housing laws were created in 1968 to make sure landlords treated all potential tenants the same with screening procedures, tenant selection and application fee


Home weatherization tips

Applying tube caulk w


CNO Urges City Council to Improve Apartment Livability, Renters’ Rights

CNO staff and our Southside United Neighborhoods (SUN) coalition met with City Council Members Alondra Cano, Elizabeth Glidden, Cam Gordon, and Andrew Johnson at City Hall on Oct. 17. CNO staff led a presentation recapping SUN’s work with residents who rent their housing during 2014, including engagement of 188 households in 19 buildings and a summary of complaints by volume, resident leadership actions, physical improvements achieved, and a summary of our substantial collaboration with the director and staff of Regulatory Services and City Council offices.


Meeting Recap: Tenants' Council in November

Despite the arrival of snow and winter cold, 5 households attended the neighborhood’s Tenants’ Council on Wednesday, November 12.

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