Angela Brown case coverage: Supporters peacefully rally, lawyer asks for dismissal

Madison, Minnesota bills itself as the "Lutefisk Capitol of the USA," complete with a statue of a giant codfish that may be as digestable as the Norwegian Christmas delicacy.


Election 2014: Big night for weed, while Minnesota languishes

As you must have seen somewhere, a number of marijuana initiatives passed, including legalization for non-medical use in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, D.C.


Angela Brown case: Patient advocate to bring petition for dismissal to LQP Co attorney

The case of Madison mom Angela Brown, who gave medical cannabis to her brain-injured son in advance to the implementation of Minnesota's law legalizing its use under tightly regulated circumstances, has received statewide and national attention.


MSP airport workers win paid sick leave

Workers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport celebrate a new policy qualifying them for paid sick leave.

Workers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will qualify for paid sick leave under a new policy adopted Monday by the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The decision is being hailed as a groundbreaking move that will benefit thousands of workers.


Pirate arms vs. robot arms

One of the most common questions I am asked regarding my prosthetic arm is some variation of the following: “Why don’t you have one of those cool robot hands I saw on TV?”


Erica Gerrity and Isis Rising: Coalition-building to support incarcerated pregnant women and new mothers

(Photo by Kristin McCarthy Photography) Erica Gerrity

When the Minnesota Women's Press first reported on the work of Isis Rising: A Prison Doula Project, Erica Gerrity had a lofty goal. As program director, she hoped that by 2020, all pregnant incarcerated women in Minnesota would have access to the informational and emotional support offered by doulas during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.


Tom Heuerman: Relieving our pain

We do live in times of great pain and suffering—locally, nationally, and internationally.


Mental health services for kids at new Washburn Center

(Photos by Alex Schlee) Therapy classrooms are designed to offer children a safe place where they can cope with the challenges they may be facing in the company of other children and clinicians who can help them heal.

Families of children needing mental health services now have a place a little closer to home and certainly more conducive to healing. And families who have been helped encourage those who haven’t yet, to seek help when they need it.


Same-sex conversion therapy: What is it? Where is the movement to ban it in Minnesota?

The movement to ban same-sex conversion therapy in Minnesota picked up the support of GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and other key GLBT organizations.


The thousand dollar pill

Vox tells the story: a miracle pill that cures hepatitis C restored normal life, liver function, the ability to walk, and even hair to 74-year-old Philip Mason. The new drug, Sovaldi, sells for a thousand dollars per pill or $84,000 for the full course of treatment, making billions of dollars in profits for its owner, the Gilead drug company. That makes Sovaldi the latest example of the runaway greed and profit-taking by drug companies.

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