Making fitness a priority

I can recall the feelings I used to have from being overweight: Discomfort about going to the doctor and having another person see my weight. Aversion to going swimming because of being barely dressed in front of many people. The pit in my stomach going over the Wall at Herzl and thinking “What if I don’t make it over?” or “What if I take forever?” In high school, I’d wear my stepfather’s jeans because they hid my body.


Show us what you got: Carleton students start "sex positive" nudie mag

(Photo courtesy of Mollie Wetherall) Carleton student and Skin Deep editor Mollie Wetherall shows some skin during a shoot.

“Being naked should be fun,” said Mollie Wetherall, co-editor-in-chief of Carleton College student’s new nudie mag Skin Deep. “For me that idea is revolutionary.”


If you can't afford health insurance … three ways to get help

Health insurance costs a lot — family coverage costs more than $1300 per month. Most people can’t afford that. In other countries, the government provides health insurance. Not here. So what can you do to get help paying for health insurance?


Minnesota groups set up Ebola aid, outreach

(Photo by Francisco Javier Argel published under Creative Commons License)

As Ebola rages on, Minnesotans are shipping massive containers filled with hundreds of thousands of meals, facemasks and gloves to areas overseas affected by the deadly virus.


Mental health and music focus of Twin Cities Jewish community conference Oct. 19

(Photo: John Siddle) Maestro Ronald Braunstein (far right) conducts members of the Me2/Orchestra in Burlington, Vt.

The theme of the 14th annual Twin Cities Jewish Community Conference on Mental Health is “Creating Harmony in Our Lives,” and it will feature music from Shir Harmony, a local Jewish women’s a capella group, as well as a unique performance by an orchestra comprised of local musicians affected by mental illness.


What does health insurance cover?

Last year, I paid $30 for my flu shot. This year, I’ll pay nothing, as long as I go to my own clinic or one of dozens of others approved by my health insurance company. That’s one of the changes made by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requires insurance policies to cover ten basic areas:


What you need to know about health insurance bills, networks and tiers

I couldn’t believe the bill — $447 for a single office visit. Even worse, the bill said my share was $168. I thought my deductible was $75, so that seemed like too much. As I always do when faced with puzzling bills, I called the insurance company.


OPINION | Ebola: Precautionary measures needed to save families and community

The recent Ebola case of Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas, Texas raises concern and fear in the West African Community, particularly in the Liberian Community, because of the stigma that Liberians are transporting Ebola to the United States. Today it is Mr. Duncan; tomorrow could be another West African, particularly a Liberian, since the Ebola epidemic is still high in Liberia.


Rep. Ellison, African American community leaders meet to address HIV, disparities

Community organizations and elected leaders met on Monday to discuss the growing epidemic of HIV in the African American community in Minnesota, and lack of equity in resources. Participants said they hope the meeting is a starting point for more robust action by community organization and politicians to secure resources and fight disparities.


Twin Cities' West African community confronts misconceptions after first U.S. Ebola case diagnosed

(MinnPost photos by Ibrahim Hirsi) Kellita Whisnant, owner and operator of Mama Ti’s African Kitchen in Brooklyn Park, fights to keep restaurant open despite misconception of her community.

Kellita Whisnant, owner and operator of Mama Ti’s African Kitchen in Brooklyn Park, has been calling her father in the Ebola-battered Liberia several times a week for the past two months — all to no avail.

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