A new public conversation about health care

Fifty Apple Valley residents gathered together on a rainy Tuesday evening last July at the Apple Valley Community Center to share their concerns about one of the most pressing issues now facing MinMORE »

Advise and dissent as Rock-Tenn Community Advisory Panel faces Port Authority plans

Neighbors Against the Burner is a neighborhood organization opposed to burning RDF at Rock-Tenn and to any burning or incineration or solid fuels.
Photo by Lucy Steinmann

There’s a jury in St. Paul that meets every two weeks. Unlike other juries, it deliberates in public, rather than behind closed doors. It meets in a church instead of a courtroom.MORE »

City Council will consider cracking down on dangerous dogs

With Twin Cities dogs attacking — and in one case, killing — people in record numbers this year, the Minneapolis City Council is considering cracking down on dangerous dogs.

“This has not be


Kazoua Kong-Thao reelected to school board, while Pakou Hang loses council race to Dan Bostrom

For what was considered an “off-year” political race, with no state or federal offices, their was plenty of ‘all-politics-is-local” impact on Tuesday, with many contests brings cheers and tears.MORE »

Bachmann, Kline cast only Minnesota votes against Employment Non-Discrimination bill

The The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) passed the House Wednesday in a vote of 235-185 with 35 Republicans crossing over to support the bill.MORE »

Seven-tenths of one percent — can Minneapolis afford not to fund and continue NRP?

Will the City Council and Mayor say yes or no to this proven program?

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) began during the 1990s, when the City of Minneapolis was facing many of t


State needs more action on energy policy, report says

The electricity that powers our homes in the years ahead will increasingly come from wind, solar and other clean energy sources -- a Minnesota law now requires utilities to generate at least 25 perMORE »

Back-to-School Night: Voters Fund Most Referendums

It was a generally positive night for levy referendums around the state, with 67 of the 99 school districts getting approval for at least some of their requests.MORE »

There’s more to earmarks than a bridge to nowhere

The bridge to nowhere. The Woodstock Festival museum.MORE »

Benanav and Prince to leave office, legacy

From soccer to student housing, transit to trees, Jay Benanav and Jane Prince have tackled a lot of issues in their decade on the St.MORE »
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