Watch the UpTake-O-Meter measure the DFL U.S. Senate debate


My Minnesota: what’s really behind the Pawlenty 'No Tax' pledge?

On the surface, Governor Pawlenty’s pledge to not add or raise taxes looks quite simple: protect citizens from onerous taxation, and run government with minimal resources.MORE »

The Future of St. Paul's District Councils


Bridge money in limbo with Republicans' newfound principles on pork

The budget battle in Congress has left a major portion of the funding for rebuilding the Interstate 35W bridge in limbo. Two of Minnesota's Republican Congress members, Reps.MORE »

Low air quality rating leads to health advisory

Monday's rating was the fifth time this year that fine-particle air pollution in the Twin Cities reached dangerous levels.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency issued an air quality healt


A dividing line crossed

America has crossed a line with the grotesque "debate" about water-boarding and the confirmation of Michael Mukasey--in effect, affirming Bush's torture policy and giving it a veneer of legality.MORE »

Breaking: Paulose resigns

Rachel Paulose resigned from the U.S. Attorney's office. She is moving to the Department of Justice in Washington.

At 3:13 p.m., the attorneys in the Minnesota Office of the U.S.


Can business move Pawlenty on transportation?

Little by little, Minnesota’s biggest and most influential business lobby is throwing its weight behind the investments in roads, bridges and transit the state needs to regain its fading economic cMORE »

Is Rachel Paulose being hounded from office by people who are soft on prostitution?

A University of Rhode Island professor "suspects" that there is a campaign under way by unnamed Justice Department officials to hound U.S.MORE »

New Grand Rounds plan targets different homes

Controversial Como route eliminated, but a new route proposal resurrects similar fears among residents

On Nov.

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