MN GOP Majority Leader backs anti-transgender bill

The majority leader in the Minnesota House is among 28 Republicans who have signed on to a bill that would block transgender inclusive school policies.


Happy 30th anniversary, Minnesota Women's Press!

Nearly 1,000 profile stories of women have been shared in the Minnesota Women's Press. The first was of comedienne Merrilyn Belgum, in Volume 1, Issue 1, April 16, 1985. Belgum died in May 2014 at age 89.

"What if women were in charge of public words and the news? What if our voices were being heard?" 


How do you get women's voices heard?

"[There is power in] writing down your own words and speaking and performing them in public.


MN GOPers tout anti-transgender bills in emails to constituents

In emails to constituents, Republicans are seeking to drum up support for a bill that would bar school from adopting transgender inclusive policies and would repeal a policy by the Minnesota State


Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Voice for Open Government, Vigilant Voters

Midst the cacophony that drowns out rational thinking during political campaigns I have long perked up my ears when I heard that Kathleen Hall Jamieson would be the guest commentator.


Women in MN Music

The Local Current blog has covered some of the most notable women in Minnesota music history MORE »

Writing toward hope: How New Yorker Sherrie Fernandez-Williams found her voice in Minnesota

Minnesota Writer Sherrie Fernandez-Williams

Sherrie Fernandez-Williams was a child of few words.


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Why images and words matter

Voice your opposition at

Hannah Davis is an athlete - a tennis champion and a volleyball player. But that's not why she is on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine's March issue.

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