NorthMet: EPA mining document highlights

Since November of 2013, Public Record Media has been collecting agency correspondence related to mining operations in northern Minnesota, including the proposed PolyMet "NorthMet" copper-sulfide mi


Public opinion about PolyMet sulfide mining

I was somewhat surprised, and of course quite unhappy, at recent polling results published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, regarding proposed copper/nickel sulfide mining. I had previously been heartened by this, published in March 2013.


Trust me: Polymet comment period was too short

What can you do in 90 days? You can grow your fingernails about a third of an inch in 90 days. In 90 days, the average American will drink 144 cups of coffee. And if you had the time to read 25 pages a day of dense technical material, you could read the entire Polymet Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement, or SDEIS. You might just need that coffee.


City to redefine Mississippi area, 5.5-mile stretch of riverfront will be home to 'a park for all of Minneapolis'

SCAPE Landscape Architecture designs new Mississippi waterfront parks. (Photo courtesy of SCAPE Landscape Architecture)

The Mississippi River defines the Twin Cities, winding alongside downtown Minneapolis and cutting through the University of Minnesota campus.


Dogs and cats reign as protection bill moves forward

The so-called pet breeder bill at the state Capitol is well into middle age in terms of dog years. Lawmakers for the last seven years have disagreed over proposals that seek to stop inhumane dog and cat breeding practices.


Annie Young's life story like a history of the civil rights movement

(Photo courtesy Annie Young)

After a lifetime of community organizing, Annie Young said it’s time she slowed down. A little bit.


West Broadway Improvement District could pay for litter pick up

Passersby noticed the difference this summer when crews picked up litter on West Broadway once a week. Come 2015, if the West Broadway Improvement District (WBID) is approved, litter will be picked up twice weekly.


OPINION | A pipe driven through the heart of Minnesota

MN 350, the Sierra Club, Honor the Earth and others are fighting Enbridge Energy of Canada before the Public Utilities Commission on April 3. Enbridge seeks to increase its enormous oil transport system using its existing Alberta Clipper Pipeline through Minnesota, increasing the barrels per day of tar sands crude oil from 450,000 to 800,000 piped from Alberta, Canada, to Superior, Wis. Many Minnesotans do not even know that this pipeline exists.

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