Examining Minnesota's historical radiation data

Since the start of the nuclear age, the State of Minnesota has monitored radiation levels within its borders.  In recent decades, that responsibility has fallen to the Minnesota Department of


In the sugar maple grove, things are sweeter than ever

Sugarbushing begins in February when the snow is still on the ground and the sap in the sugar maple trees begins to rise.


MN House Coal Caucus votes to keep bill about air pollution away from environment committee

Photo: Coal piled up at the Sherco coal-fired power plant near Becker. Via Pioneer Press

It's the sort of post-moronic (and moneyed) politics Bluestem has come to expect from Speaker Daudt's majority, foreshadowed by the leader's removal of "Energy" from the Environmental and Natural R


For lasting climate-change reform, focus on consumption

Per capita emissions in Paris are nearly four times lower than per capita emissions in Minneapolis. CC/Flickr/R/DV/RS.

Last month, MinnPost’s Ron Meador outlined


Metropolitan Council water plan gets feedback; new plan addresses Twin Cities concerns

A sewer being maintained by the Met Council.

A new plan aimed at preserving water resources in the metro area is set to begin next month.


Mission to Cuba would make Minnesota farmers first to market

In mid-December the Obama administration announced it would begin to normalize relations with Cuba, opening the door to potentially lucrative new markets.


City may adopt new fossil fuel stance

A group of students and other Minneapolis residents gathered at City Hall on Monday in support of the city’s continued divestment from fossil fuels and urged other state agencies to follow.


Oil pipe lines, oil satire and Mike Gelfand

Environmental attorney Kathryn Hoffman discusses the environmental concerns of the proposed Sandpiper Pipeline through northern Minnesota.

The first of nine public and evidentiary hearings this month on the proposed Minnesota reach of the Sandpiper Pipeline convened on January 5th at St. Paul’s River Center.


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