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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

No shifts, no cuts for MN schools -- yet

Minnesota schools emerged fairly unscathed in the state budget battle of 2009.MORE »

Second annual Hmong Minnesota spelling bee

Shoua Lee, listens to the judges as she waits her turn with the others to enter center stage.

Tzianeng Vang, an organizer and co-founder of Minnesota Hmong Language Group in 2007, said this year is the second year for the annual the Minnesota Hmong Spelling Bee.MORE »

U Solar Vehicle Project sees a sunny future

From left to right, Nikolay Kovalev, Daniel Gerbig, Alan Jacobs, John Olson, Adam Rudin and Jason Grimes are a part of the University of Minnesota’s Solar Vehicle Project team. Photo by Katherine Anderson.

While automakers across the country struggle, in the garage behind the Engineering and Fisheries Lab at the University of Minnesota, car production is flourishing, for solar cars, at least.

The lab


U’s solar vehicle project wins race in Texas

Centaurus, the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project’s current car, won the 2009 Formula Sun Grand Prix in Cresson, Texas yesterday, completing 487 laps and a total of 974 miles.

The Grand


Higher education ‘stabilized’ by legislature

A higher education funding package mostly passed muster with Gov.MORE »

St. Paul outlines plan to ease revenue shortage by cutting teachers, closing schools

As school districts across the state face budget issues, Saint Paul is dealing with an especially large revenue shortfall of $25 million dollars.MORE »

Secret of two Sams' perfect SAT score: Joy in learning

Sam Lindsay-Levine scored a perfect 1600 on his SAT. He’s now an engineer.

To get a perfect score on the SAT test, most people believe that you have to spend an unusual amount of time studying.

That wasn’t the case for Sam Peterson, the Chaska High School senior who score


MCTC president defends decision to cut basketball

Last week’s Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder reported that Minneapolis Community and Technical College’s successful basketball program will be eliminated after the 2009-10 season, based on a student senatMORE »
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