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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

Preparing for college: AP vs. IB curriculum

Photo by amypaiko. Published under Creative Commons license

"[I]t seemed obvious from talking to other parents and students that the AP/IB classes were excellent and would be necessary for getting into a top college," said Tina Chen, a 2003 graduate of St PaulMORE »

Opinion: The Closed U

We are hearing much about saving the University of Minnesota’s core mission these days, and we should.MORE »

School extracurricular activities on the chopping block

Photo courtesy of Eagan High School

School districts throughout Minnesota will have to cut their budgets this spring no matter what happens with the state's revenue shortfall or the President's economic recovery plan.MORE »

Eagles fly this summer at St. Paul school

Middle school aged students can register now for the opportunity to attend the Eagles Summer Camp at Washington Technology Middle School located in the North End neighborhood of St. Paul.MORE »

"Mend, Don’t End" WMEP, say parents; "a vanity project," says MPS

More than 100 parents and students in the West Metro Education Program descended on Minneapolis Public Schools’ headquarters March 5 to give a piece of their mMORE »

State education accountability site is anything but

Here's the good news: The state has a website - Accountability Minnesota - that is promoted as a way to hold state agencies accountable to clear goals.

Educating Minnesota's immigrant students

Photo courtesy of Admission Possible

"Immigrant students have been at the center of a political firestorm," says the MORE »

Tell Minneapolis Public Schools what you think

One more round of community meetings starts on March 9. This time the meetings for middle and high school are separate from the elementary school meetings.MORE »

"Friends" show one path for charter school sponsors

"There’s only one bully in the school – that’s me!" Leon Cooper jabbed a thick finger at his chest. "We don’t have any gangs, or drugs, or fighting.MORE »

VOICES | Good teachers

I am sitting here on President's Day, a day off of school, feeling guilty for taking time to write this column I promised to Minnesota 2020 months ago, because I still have 30 packets of research noteMORE »
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