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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

YOUR TURN | Diversity, integration, segregation in Minneapolis Public Schools

Minneapolis Public Schools administration has proposed shifting away from citywide busing and towards community schools, beginning in the 2010-2011 school year.


E-12 education bill that might have been

No shifts. No cuts. No new Minnesota Miracle — yet.MORE »

U of M has more work to do in graduating Black student-athletes

Francine St. Clair is senior associate athletics director at Northern Illinois University. Photo courtesy of Francine St. Clair

Graduation rates of Black student-athletes in U.S. colleges have shown marked improvement.MORE »

Mounds View conundrum: Parents value teachers while state cuts mean layoffs

Mounds View Public Schools recently conducted a survey of parents in its district and the results are unsurprising: Parents value quality teachers.

What might be surprising to parents is this infor


U. Minnesota students building house powered entirely by sun

After 15 months of planning, University of Minnesota students are finally getting to fire up their drills and saws to begin construction on a fully functioning house powered exclusively by the sun.


Looking for education: PSEO offers one way

Jade Sanstead, 18, felt under-challenged at his high school in the small hometown of Rothsay, MN, near Fergus Falls.MORE »

Century College: over 30 years of preparing Hmong students for the world

When Blong Yang began working at Century College in 1979 (known back then as Lakewood Community College) there were a total of four Asians in the entire school.

OPINION | Setting a standard for bully-free schools

Minnesota's proposed anti-bullying statute has caused me to reflect on my years as a special education paraprofessional in Crosby-Ironton.MORE »
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