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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

Investing in quality care for kids

Rep. Nora Slawik presents the omnibus early childhood finance bill April 23 on the House floor. (Photo by Andrew VonBank)

The inaugural omnibus early childhood finance bill passed the House 84-47 on April 23

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK | Searching for a Superintendent

As the St. Paul Board of Education faces the task of finding a new superintendent, we have questions:

What's the process? What's the timeline?


OPINION | Work toward reconciliation

Reports from wide-ranging sources of information about a recent incident at Burroughs Community School in the Minneapolis Public School District and an outcry from community members of all different bMORE »

Building a better formula

Rep. Mindy Greiling, chair of the House K-12 Education Finance Division, presents the omnibus K-12 education finance bill to the House April 23. (Photo by Tom Olmscheid)

Picture the state’s education funding formula as a Rube Goldberg drawing depicting a complex invention with pulleys, levers and other mechanisms that get the job done but in less than elegant fashion.MORE »

Four day school week: The forced change

With all the growing financial pressure, the Forest Lake School Board recently held a public meeting examining the switch to a four-day school week.MORE »

Help for college students

“Thank heavens for the stimulus package,” was all Rep.MORE »

World Affairs Challenge launches in Minnesota: Will National Cultural Awareness Day fly?

Jessica Dockery and Kira Natrop, two of a 10-member St. Paul Highland Park High School team, practice their script for the inaugural World Affairs Challenge. (Photo: Scott Russell)

Kelsey Larson and five of her classmates at Metcalf Junior High in Burnsville are calling for a National Culture Awareness Day, one day out of the year to reflect on all of the positive things that otMORE »

It’s FMA Live! and everything’s in motion

“Everything’s in motion” shouted out JJ, Eric and Katie as they performed a high energy hip hop dance at Washington Technology Middle SchoolMORE »

Our dream, our day: Immigrant students at the Capitol

As youth get closer to the Capitol, they march with pride holding up the My Dream is Minnesota's Future banner. Photo by: Daniela Velez/MIFN

On April 21, immigrant students and allies converged on the Capitol for the annual student day at the Capitol sponsored by the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network (MIFN).MORE »

Living and teaching history

After a half-century career at the University of Minnesota, American studies professor David Noble will retire this May.

David Noble has watched the world change for more than a half a century and has turned around and taught the changes to students at the University of Minnesota.

Noble, an American studies and histo

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