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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

Questions surround alleged stem cell data falsification

Former University of Minnesota graduate student Morayma Reyes , who a University panel last week found had falsified stem cell research data published in 2001, said she refutes that claim and said erMORE »

South High student recognized for literary achievement

South High senior Molly Hensley Clancy has been awarded a $10,000 Davidson Institute Fellows Scholarship for authoring a series of stories told through the eyes of young female characters who show thaMORE »

Readers comment on theater at St. Thomas

"Foley folly" ... "Tragic mistake" ... "Disappointment by St. Thomas choice" ... "Money isn't everything." Comments on St.MORE »

Minnesota Miracle hearings come to town

Image by Mulad, Creative Commons license.

You don’t often hear state representatives called “heroic” by members of the public, particularly when they propose to increase spending.

U stem cell research data deemed falsified

Published data from a high-profile University stem cell research lab were found to be falsified, an investigative committee announced Tuesday.

The data were published in the medical journal Blood a


How Minnesota's eastern neighbor games NCLB

If beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, then behold Wisconsin, the home of thousands of beautiful students.

Or so No Child Left Behind test results would tell us.


Superintendent: Mixed report for MPS

The past year has been a mixed bag of successes and setbacks for Minneapolis Public Schools, according to a report delivered October 2 by Superintendant Bill Green.MORE »

Hmong tutor program provides students with an alternative

First year English and Asian language major Emily Ly, right, tutors high school sophomore Yeng Yang, left, in advanced algebra. More than 40 Hmong Minnesota Student Association University students signed up to serve as tutors for the program.
Hmong tutor program provides students with an alternative

Being able to read and comprehend her social studies homework is only a small part of the reason 10th-grader Kao Vang wants to learn English faster.

A Hmong refugee from Thailand, Vang and 15,000 o


MPS ditches charter students

Parents and students are "continuing to struggle with our late start time ...MORE »

Somali students look at roots of violence

The five young women in the office of the Somali Student Association in Coffman Union transition seamlessly from unaccented English to Somali.
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