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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

FORUM | Cut the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department's Complaint Investigation Unit?

Junial Enterprises -

Should Minneapolis abolish the Complaint Investigation Unit of the city's civil rights department? Read both sides of the argument. Then add your opinion.

Latino families fight for program at Burroughs

Latino parents from Burroughs Elementary School met with Minneapolis school board members on Thursday to petition that the school board reinstate Burrough’s Native Language Learners (NLL) program, re-MORE »

Vallay Varro gets DFL endorsement and will run for St. Paul School Board

Vallay Varro said that she would run for the St. Paul School Board if she received the endorsement of the DFL party.


Goodbye, Ms. Deitchler

Photo by Mary Turck, blackboard image by Lorelyn Medina -

The system sucks, according to Mary Deitchler's math students.MORE »

OPINION | Quality public education: What's in it for me?

This fall, it is estimated that more than 50 of Minnesota's 343 school districts will go to their communities to ask taxpayers to pay more in property taxes to help pay for their schools.MORE »

Higher ed in greater Minnesota braces for unallotment crunch

Moorhead, part of the MnSCU system, which faces a $50-million budget cut (Creative Commons photo by J. Stephen Conn via Flickr)

For Minnesota’s college administrators, the announcement of the Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s unallotment plans was a good news/bad news story. The size of the budgetary hit was not as big as they expected.MORE »

VOICES | Teaching to students', not industry's, needs

Margaret Virum taught in the Minneapolis Public Schools nearly 50 years.MORE »

OPINION | U of M administrative leaders should take pay cut

Pending unallotment announcements, University of Minnesota funding may be reduced an estimated $177 million over the next biennium, and as a result President Robert Bruininks has announced the need foMORE »

School board director Chris Stewart keeps the heat on Burroughs position statement

Minneapolis School Board Director Chris Stewart remains unapologetic about a reported altercation that led to the suspension of a Minneapolis principal.MORE »

Budgets were tight before Pawlenty's education funding shift

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's $1.77 billion K-12 education funding shift is a shift alright, it shifts state aid and heaps it onto the backs of students.MORE »
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