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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

It's time for real public preschool access

The Star Tribune recently reported that there is a new push among the public, school district officials, and government leaders for improving pre-Kindergarten school-readiness programs. The push is bipartisan; there is a growing consensus that pre-K programs represent one of the best means of challenging the achievement gap in K-12 education. Enrollment improves learning capacity and accelerates childhood development.


OPINION | Opportunity gaps persist after college graduation

In roughly three months’ time, as classrooms fill and teachers work to engage and motivate their new charges, many students will hear a time-honored presentation on the importance of a college degree. College degrees, they will be told, increase your likelihood of getting a job, and they increase how much you will be paid over the course of your career.


Ex-St. Paul student returns to enliven a 'boring…broken system'

Throughout his youth, Darrail Hughes attended various Saint Paul Public Schools. Now, as an adult, he returns to give that same school district something he believes they’ve been lacking: an African American male who students can relate to as he relates to them.


Is there an app for that? Beyond MPS conversations and presentations

As one of nine Board members at Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), this blog is a platform for my perspectives on community as a mother, teacher and policymaker. I do not speak for the Board; that is the role of the School Board Chair. Rather, this is an opportunity to find a space beyond the restrictions of a majority vote regarding governance topics. With this goal in mind, I present Why We Can’t Wait blog #2.


Can you get fired for talking to a reporter?

So, what’s it like working for the clampdown?

For the past few weeks, I’ve wanted to pose this question to my friends and contacts who work for the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS).


Northside Forum builds alliances to bolster digital literacy

Forum participants engage in table discussion.

There was a time in our society when our relationship with technology was more like the Flintstones and less like the Jetsons.


Dell project collapse offers learning opportunity to Saint Paul

On Friday, we got the news that the Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) has canceled a contract with Dell for the creation of a personalized learning system. The good news is that Dell is refunding most of the referendum money the district paid, giving back $665,000 of $715,000. The bad news is that much of this could have been avoided.


After stifled protests, University of Minnesota faculty want policy change

Some University of Minnesota faculty members say the school’s policies impede students’ constitutional rights.


COMMUNITY VOICES | 200 pack Osseo school district Parents of Color meeting

Photos By: 
Jay Clark

Full house at Osseo District Parents of Color Meeting (Photos by Jay Clark)

 On May 22, More than 200 people crammed the main meeting room at the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center to participate in the Community Town Hall for Parents of Color in the Osseo School District. Most of the participating parents were African immigrants and African Americans. The meeting was hosted  by African Immigrant Services and Legacy Family Center. 


Legislators mostly listened to students/community activists urging more info about Post Sec Options

 “As a graduate of the PSEO Program I can honestly say that participating is one of the smartest decisions I've ever made, and I would encourage every student to participate in this program, a

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