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Minneapolis Five-Year Enrollment Plan
Achievement Gap 

School Discipline

Opt out, guilt free! Minnesota Department of Education weighs in

Ready to opt out but worried that your local school will lose money if you do?


"Little Oromia" unites to advocate for justice and human rights in Ethiopia

Last Sunday afternoon, a steady stream of people poured into the Oromo Community of Minnesota’s meeting hall in St. Paul. They gathered for a forum to discuss how the Oromo people living outside Ethiopia–the Oromo diaspora–could show solidarity with Oromo students in Ethiopia, whose peaceful protests over the past two weeks have been met with gunfire and loss of life.


Killings in Ethiopia outrage Minnesota's Oromo community

Members of Minnesota’s Oromo community plan to rally Friday in St. Paul and are calling for a hunger strike to mourn the deaths of student demonstrators gunned down last week by Ethiopian security forces in Addis Ababa.


Here's what Bike to School Day looks like in the Twin Cities

Photo by Pam Colby 

Wednesday was Bike to School Day, and since the weather was cooperating, students, teachers and staff in the Twin Cities took to the streets and bike paths to head to school.


Oromo diaspora mobilizes to shine spotlight on student protests in Ethiopia

The Oromo Community of Minnesota hall was packed yesterday afternoon. Twice we scooted our chairs forward to make room for the crowds at the back; our knees were pressed up against the backs of the chairs in front of us. And when community members took the microphone, we could hear a pin drop. People I spoke with said the turnout and show of unity was unprecedented. The Oromo diaspora in Minnesota was gathering together to develop strategies to show support for the student protests that have been breaking out over the past two weeks in their homeland.


Too dangerous for school? Not really — mainstreaming in St. Paul

Screen shot from "General education and special education co-teaching in St. Paul Public Schools." See video below. According to teachers and parents, co-teaching makes mainstreaming work for all the students in a classroom. 

Mary Moore, a Special Education Building Coach at Battle Creek Middle School, tells a success story of mainstreaming in St. Paul. A student, now in middle school, had been classified as Emotionally and Behaviorally Disturbed (EBD) since kindergarten, and had not been in a regular classroom since that time. Last fall, he was mainstreamed — put in a regular classroom — as part of St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) effort to reduce racial disparities. His behavior has improved enough so that he has moved from the more serious "Fed 3" classification to "Fed 2." He also enrolled in the AVID program for success in school. The process of mainstreaming, said Moore, “turned him into a different person."


Harding High School's graduation portfolio process is a model for Minnesota

What a great way to end a high school career!  For more than a decade, Harding High School, part of the St Paul district, has been requiring each seniors to create and present a portfolio with

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