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IGGERS DIGEST | Weekend Chinese brunch at the Minneapolis Tea House

The weekend buffet brunch at the Tea House, 2425 University Ave., Minneapolis is still pretty new, but word seems to have gotten out in the local Chinese community - we arrived around 1 p.m. last Saturday, and every table in the place was taken. But what we got was well worth the $13.50 price and the 10 minute wait. Tea House's weekend brunch is very different from the standard Chinese buffets (which are mostly pretty awful) or the dim sum brunches at places like Yangtze, Mandarin Kitchen and Pagoda in Dinkytown (which are pretty good).


Nelson Inz: Believing in students, believing in public schools

Growing up, Nelson Inz wasn’t a great student. Because of his father’s Huntington’s disease, which affects impulse control, Inz experienced an abusive household at a young age, which inhibited his schooling.

When he became a teacher, he realized that when kids struggle outside of school, they need extra help getting up to grade level in reading or staying engaged because of outside factors. Inz hopes to bring that personal experience and knowledge to his campaign, running for Minneapolis school board in District 5 this year.


Minneapolis residents express concerns over new absentee voting

(Photos by Jessie Hausman) Avenue Eatery owner Sammy Mcdowell pauses from his work to talk about absentee voting.

Minnesotans can now vote from the comfort of their homes.


IGGERS DIGEST | Newest Eat Street discoveries: Cinco de Mayo Mercado and Apho Tibetan takeout

So many new restaurants opening up on Nicollet - especially south of Lake Street - that it's hard to keep up with them all - Kyatchi, the new sustainable sushi restaurant at 3758 Nicollet Ave. S., and the bricks and mortar version of Hola Arepa at 3501, and the new location for Corner Table at 4537. You have probably read about those already - but my latest discoveries are a couple of little take-out locations at in the 3700 block that have actually been around for a while - Apho, at 3752 Nicollet Ave. S., and Cinco de Mayo Mercado, across the street at 3733 Nicollet Ave. S.


THEATER REVIEW | Shadow Horse Theatre's "Crazyface": More macabre than laughs

Andy Schnabel as the title character in Shadow Horse Theatre's production of Clive Barker's Crazyface (photography by Christopher J. Mogel)

Legend has it the last words of the famous Shakespearean actor Edmund Kean on his deathbed were, “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” That might be the quickest way to sum up what’s right and wrong with Shadow Horse Theatre’s production of horror writer Clive Barker’s play, the epic clown show/hero’s journey, Crazyface.


TC Weekend | Mpls. Aquatennial, Rondo Days, Highland Fest, Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Fest & more!

Updated 7/18/2014 12:45 p.m.

The All-Star festivities have wrapped up, but the Best Days of Summer are just beginning with the start of the Minneapolis Aquatennial and other big cultural and community festivals in the Twin Cities this weekend. So far the weather forecast looks bright — perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying the festivities! See what's on tap below:


THEATER REVIEW | Public Theater of Minnesota make the mishaps of live theater work in "Macbeth"

Lady Macbeth (Teresa Marie Doran) and Macbeth (Jason Rojas) in The Public Theater of Minnesota's production of Macbeth (photo courtesy of The Public Theater of Minnesota)

It’s strange to say you enjoyed a production of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. Admired or appreciated, maybe. Bored, in unfortunate instances. But enjoyed? Strange as it seems to me, however, I have to admit I very much enjoyed The Public Theater of Minnesota’s current production of Macbeth. A great deal of that has to do with how director (and Artistic Director) Mark Hauck and his strong young ensemble of actors worked together to create a story that could not be derailed even by a series of production mishaps that sometimes happen in live theater—particularly theater outdoors in the park—and in this case not only happened but kept happening.


THEATER REVIEW | "My Fair Lady" cleans up nicely at the Guthrie Theater

Eliza Doolittle (Helen Anker), flush with success, explains to Professor Henry Higgins (Jeff McCarthy) exactly what she thinks of his condescension. Photo by Joan Marcus.

One of the problems of restaging musical theater classics today is that much of the repertoire doesn’t align with contemporary values in very prominent ways. This is not to say that such concerns (positive and negative) don’t exist with new works, but the potential problems with reception are enough to inspire a legion of director’s notes and, sometimes, massive rewrites. The Guthrie’s solution to this regarding the misogyny of My Fair Lady is simple, elegant, and far more dramatically satisfying than some of the attempts to rewrite classics such as Show Boat or Anything Goes.


MUSIC PHOTOS | Basilica Block Party Twentieth Anniversary

Thousands came out this July 11 - 12 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Basilica Block Party.


Day 1:


Made Here showcases Minneapolis street art

Made Here is an ongoing street art festival sponsored by Hennepin Theatre Trust and Andersen Windows. It launched Friday night (July 11) with performances, great food and a tour of visual art stationed around downtown Minneapolis. As a lover of street art, I think it's fantastic. Street art gives people an opportunity to stop and pay attention. It spurs conversation. In a climate where we run from our car to the building to car because it's too cold to stop, it's fun to have an excuse to get out of the car, to visit downtown and to dawdle on the way to a meeting or appointment.

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