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University of St. Thomas votes against unionizing

Photo courtesy of Minnesota 2020

After weeks of contention, the University of St. Thomas voted against unionizing adjunct faculty late yesterday afternoon.


THEATER REVIEW | Jungle Theater's "The Heiress" sparkles

Morris Townsend (John Catron) turns on the charm with the other lady of the house, Lavinia Penniman (Wendy Lehr). Photo by Michal Daniel.

Henry James (1843-1916) wrote several plays himself, but in the century since his passing third-party stage adaptations of his novels and short stories have enjoyed a much more active life. The now-complete Benjamin Britten centennial season brought several operatic settings of these works back into the limelight, reacquainting stage audiences with the dark overtones and disturbing themes in many of James’s works. With this acquaintance in mind, audiences approaching The Heiress (now playing at the Jungle Theater) should expect that things are going to turn out the exact opposite of well for at least one of the principals–but who?


Can you find the Dinkytown Greenway? You can help point the way.

A bicycle and pedestrian trail that opened through the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis a year ago has been too hard to find, say community residents working to improve the Dinkytown Greenway’s visibility.


"Keep their Minds Engaged in Wonder": Educators' advice about summer learning

“Keep their minds and bodies engaged in wonder during the summer months when they are not attending school.” That’s what Julie Olson, director of elementary education for the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools recommended last week. She was one of 41 union leaders, superintendents, principals and other education leaders who responded to my request for suggestions about what parents could do to encourage continued learning during the summer. They described a combination modeling, advocacy, exploration and encouraging participation in community, school and family activities.  This can produce a summer with great memories and student growth.


Is there an app for that? Beyond MPS conversations and presentations

As one of nine Board members at Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), this blog is a platform for my perspectives on community as a mother, teacher and policymaker. I do not speak for the Board; that is the role of the School Board Chair. Rather, this is an opportunity to find a space beyond the restrictions of a majority vote regarding governance topics. With this goal in mind, I present Why We Can’t Wait blog #2.


Hmong House: Home for community, great food for all

Hmong House transports the diner far from Minnesota by engaging all the senses. The wall-to-wall hand-painted murals of Asian landscapes are a feast for the eyes. The music, sung live during our meal, made us feel as if we were next door to a night club somewhere in Asia. We bumped elbows with hundreds of Hmong community members celebrating in the restaurant’s banquet hall, and enjoyed learning about their traditions from the restaurant’s owners, Kay Yang and See Yang. Most notably, the exotic flavors of the food transported us as well.


Krishna Pathak: Hostile environment in Minneapolis Public Schools IT department

© tang90246 - Fotolia.com

Krishna Pathak, like his former colleague Ben Peck, was a manager in the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Information Technology (IT) department for many years. Pathak started in the district in 2001 and resigned his position as Director of Application Services in December 2013, as a show of support for Peck, who was fired that month by Rich Valerga, the district’s current Chief Information Officer (CIO).


NEWS DAY | Shannon Gibney — reprimand rescinded!

Remember Professor Shannon Gibney at MCTC? She’s been officially un-reprimanded!


COMMUNITY VOICES | Katwalk 2014 delivers impeccable design with a sustainable focus

Photo credit Ashley de los Reyes

It was fast, it was furious — and the show left awe-struck audience members eager for more fashion. Katwalk: Fathom 2014 at The O'Shaughnessy on May 17 showcased original work from over 30 students in the apparel, merchandising and design program at St. Catherine University.


Forever Green receives $1 million

The Minnesota Legislature took a major step last week toward supporting the kind of agriculture that can green up our landscape in a way that’s economically viable for farmers. Conference committee negotiations produced $1 million for Forever Green, an innovative University of Minnesota research initiative involving cover crops and perennial plant systems. Funding for this initiative has been a major priority for the Land Stewardship Project, and could go a a long ways toward producing the kind of land grant research that can help our state’s agriculture live up to its true potential.

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