COMMUNITY VOICES | Homegrown talent has designs on a prosperous North Minneapolis

Jamil Ford, president of Mobilize Design and Architecture at his desk. An artist's rendering of The Commons @ Penn Avenue is displayed on the screen

Jamil Ford lives and works in North Minneapolis.


Broaden the Southwest LRT debate

As the Metropolitan Council begins mediation to resolve thorny disputes with the City of Minneapolis over the planned Southwest light rail line, little-heard advocates for the environment and the disadvantaged are seeking to join the negotiation.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Minneapolis' Farview Park hosts inaugural Hmong Flag Football Tournament

Photos By: 
Jay Clark

Minneapolis councilmember Blong Yang gives pep talk to Hmong Flag Football Players

On May 3, Minneapolis’ Farview Park hosted its inaugural Hmong flag football tournament.


ONE DAY IN THE TWIN CITIES | Rosemount: The challenge of maintaining history

In this video, Rosemount, Minnesota resident Christian Finch seeks to answer the question, 'What challenges does your community face?'


The fine art of inclusion: Moving beyond the gaps

At the YWCA’s Annual Time to Talk last October, the inclusion expert, Andrés Tapia, spoke about our legendary Minnesota equity gaps. We have the worst gap in the nation between graduation rates for Latino students and white students—the 2nd worst between African American and white students. Tapia pointed out that inclusion is a skill, not an attitude, and that equally compelling studies demonstrate that increased diversity can improve or impede an environment. The research has proven, he said, that the difference lies in how diversity is managed. “Greater diversity leads to greater creativity and productivity,” he said, “only when managed well.”


'Whose Diversity?': University of Minnesota group calls for action with delivery of about 30 far-reaching demands to administration

Independent student collective Whose Diversity? released a list of diversity-rooted demands to University of Minnesota policymakers Wednesday.


War on Poverty debate: By the numbers, there's little argument in Minnesota

Minnesota governor Karl Rolvaag addresses the 1966 DFL state convention, with a poster of President Lyndon Johnson prominently displayed in the background. (Courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society/Jerome Liebling)

“It will not be a short or easy struggle, no single weapon or strategy will suffice, but we shall not rest until that war is won.”

Lyndon B. Johnson


TC Weekend | Art in Bloom, Cinco de Mayo, MayDay, Festival of Nations & more!

We’ve endured puddles, potholes, puddles in potholes and chilly April showers -- now it’s time for some May flowers!  This weekend’s forecast calls for a bit more sun (crossing fingers), perfect for getting out to Art in Bloom, the Summer Flower Show, and the many festivals in the Twin Cities. Details below:


Flex your filmmaker muscles during One Day in the Twin Cities Saturday

Citizens across the Twin Cities are invited to pick up their camcorders and pull out their smartphones Saturday, April 26 as part of the cities-wide media creation event, 

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