COMMUNITY VOICES | The Truth Behind the Hmong Bride Price

This paper is written in reaction to the 18 Clan Council’s decision to re-negotiate the bride price and to those who are not aware of why there is a bride price in the first place.


MN VIDEOS | Welcome to North, a documentary film

Check out this moving, short documentary film by Josh Chitwood about "the most stereotyped side of Minneapolis." The video description says, "This piece communicates that [North Minneapolis] is not a

'sketchy hood', but a neighborhood where families and myself live life together and have true community." 
You can follow Josh on Facebook:

Check out this moving, short documentary film by Josh Chitwood about "the most stereotyped side of Minneapolis." The video description says, "This piece communicates that [North Minneapolis] is not


TC Weekend | Twin Cities Film Fest, VOGUE|TRASH: Costume Fashion Ball, Food Truck Rally, Kite Fest & much more!

You may not be able to get into Prince’s Slumber Party this weekend. But don’t fret –you can still wear purple (though I don't advise pajamas) and attend some of the fun events closer to town. Read on for this weekend’s highlights! (If you're strictly looking for seasonal festvities, check our Halloween or fall round-ups).


Fall festivities: Savor the season while you can

(Photo courtesy of Roseann Tomko)

Vivid shades of gold, orange, and red line the streets. The air is crisp, the pumpkin flavorings are in overdrive, and the Vikings are losing games. Yes, fall is in full bloom in the Twin Cities!

I always think of the first half of autumn as a sort of sweet buffer for the coming cold.  Drinking in the warm fall hues, pumpkin lattes, apple spice fragrances etc., helps make the slow concession of rearranging the closet and pulling out the sweaters, jackets and boots (I do love the return to boots!) more bearable. But sooner than later things get real: the trees become bare and cold reality sets in. So as the late, great Donna Summer used to sing, let's dance, the last dance and savor autumn's gifts while they last.  Below is a list of a few highlights of the season (go here if you're strictly looking for Halloween events):



Artists and writers collaborate with community development advocates at LISC's 25th Anniversary Reception

Last night I joined a group of Saint Paul Almanac writers participating in a collaborative art project that was conducted during the “The Art of Collaboration” reception at the Minneapolis Depot Pavilion. The event opened the annual conference and celebration of the 25th anniversary of Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). Community development advocates from all over the nation were in attendance to celebrate their work "dedicated to helping community residents transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy and sustainable communities of choice and opportunity — good places to work, do business and raise children."


TC Weekend | Twin Cities Book Fest, 13th Annual Political Theater Fest, 2nd Annual Chili Fest & more!

The fall season is in full swing, but there's plenty to do in and around the Twin Cities beyond zombie pub crawls and apple orchards. (However, if you're looking for fun Halloween activities, do visit our Halloween round-up). Below are just a few of the events happening around town this weekend:


Getting people who speak for the powerless into positions of power

Here’s a challenge: Get people who traditionally lack power — the poor, immigrants, people of color, the disabled — into positions of power.


Halloween in the Twin Cities: A mix of chills & thrills

Are you one of the 158 million people that the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates will celebrate Halloween this year?  The number is down from last year's high of 170 million, but Halloween is widely celebrated, second only to Christmas in terms of spending. The NRF also found that traditional costumes -- zombies, witches, princesses, superheroes and the like -- reign supreme this year.

There's no shortage of costume parties and Halloween fun to be had in and around the Twin Cities. Below is a list of of some of the events that are a bit off the beaten path, along with the more popular haunts. Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section if you know of an event that you feel TC Daily Planet readers should know about! (Go here if you're strictly looking for fall events)


OUR STORIES | Meet Shahar: Iraqi Polish Israeli Jewish American Immigrant Social Activist Singer Songwriter Lover Human Being



Meet Shahar Eberzon: part musician with an album in the making, part social activist, and part backbone of the growing artist community that is Face Forward  With all these projects, and with legendary Minneapolis stages requesting her presence, she is one to keep an eye on.

However, I don't care about any of that today. Today I have a different agenda.   

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