Dazzling holiday lights and sights in Twin Cities (and beyond)

(Photos by Paige Elliott)

Now is the time to shine, light-seekers! Holiday sparkle is back, illuminating cold, dark winter streets with bursts of vivid color and community spirit. Below, we’ve made a list – and checked it twice – of a few choice spots to see holiday lights around the Twin Cities and beyond. Scroll down to see how you can share your photos and add light displays in your community to our list!


The importance of legacy: 4th annual MN 6 I photo exhibit hits Bottineau Commons

Photos by  Mohamed Barre

A new body of work by photographer Mohamed Barre goes on view Dec. 13 in the Community Room of Bottineau Commons.


ARTS REVIEW | Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker inspires awe at Orpheum Theatre

Photo courtesy Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker

When a speechless performance can get the crowd at Orpheum Theatre to applaud and give “woos,” there’s something magical about what’s being presented on stage and the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker was no exception.


"Here We Are Nice" at The Soap Factory: Creepy, cool, colorful, contemporary

Photos by Ann Treacy

Here We Are Nice opened at The Soap Factory Saturday night; it includes art from 25 artists who volunteer at The Soap Factory. The theme of the show is explained on the website...


Brilliance! Made Here: Public art project spans 15 blocks downtown Minneapolis

Photos by Basil Considine

Many Americans’ Black Friday experiences come tinged by the excesses of consumerism and the excesses of consumption. A taste of something different awaited the crowd that showed up the following night for the opening of Brilliance! Made Here, the latest incarnation of the downtown Minneapolis public art project curated by the Hennepin Theatre Trust. 


What the Puck? New Swedish playground-like sport to come to St. Paul

(Photo by Glósóli Ateljé/ David Puig Serinyà) A Puckelball field in Stockholm, Sweden.

The midfielder is moving the ball through the center circle. He’s dribbling past a defender, looks for a teammate, passes the ball and it stops because of a bump in the field, right in front of the eighteen-yard box. Welcome to the game of Puckelball.


Sculptor refuses to be pushed around by racism

(Photo courtesy of Frank Brown) Frank Brown standing by his work, The Second Coming of the William Lynch Theory, created in 2008. It is on display in the atrium of the Lowertown Lofts Artist Cooperative in downtown St. Paul.

St. Paul sculptor Frank Brown describes himself as a “gofer,” someone who “goes for it, who doesn’t sit around waiting for someone to come looking for them. I take the initiative to go out and initiate the conversation that hopefully will create a positive response.”


Continuing Mount Sinai’s legacy

Mount Sinai Hospital was a secular institution, with a vision of access, healing, research and treatment to all patients and medical professionals. (Photo: Courtesy of David Grossman)

In February 1951, within a climate of local anti-Semitism, Mount Sinai Hospital opened its doors at the corner of Chicago Avenue and 22nd Street in Minneapolis. The hospital — described in the AJW as “a house of healing for all mankind” — was a gift from the Twin Cities Jewish community to serve and employ, among others, those not accepted elsewhere because of their race or religion.


Preview: Lao Diaspora photos re-imagined by artist Chantala Kommanivanh

“My style pretty much sums up my childhood experience with art and in the streets. I’m influenced by graffiti and hip hop and it’s institutionalized through expressionism.” -Chantala Kommanivanh


Meet Daniel Olson and his art

(Photo by Matt Grimley) Daniel Olson at FallCon, the most recent comic convention. Twitter @DanielJayOlson.

The story is drawn in simple black-and-white panels. They run cinematically through the main character Neil Wilson’s life. A faraway glance at the outside of a church or a restaurant gives you the place. Wordlessly, the characters glance at one another. Silence says more. One of the more spectacularly drawn pages occurs with older Neil and his former love interest Julie. They meet after many years and when they realize they have so much to discuss, they drive on the snowy, Minneapolitan highways. A dark two-page spread follows: the city’s skyscrapers loom in the night. Spaghetti-like turns of wintry roads loop and wind. There is Neil, old and more husky, looking upwards, helpless. There is Neil, young, looking downtrodden, for guidance.

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