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THEATER REVIEW | Old Log Theater in Excelsior, Minnesota transports you to quaint "Almost, Maine"

Brian Pekol (Pete) and Lisa Bark (Ginette) discuss distance in relationships. Photo Credit: Old Log Theater.

There is a scene in Almost, Maine when a shoe literally drops. This not hyperbole: A shoe actually falls from above. As leather and rubber strike the stage, a marriage slips from 'troubled' to 'over' with a finality that resounds in the silence. It is one of the most poignant moments in a play that is alternately comedic and touching. Love's successes, failures, and tentative first steps unfurl delightfully in this new staging of Almost, Maine at the Old Log Theater.


THEATER REVIEW | Fortune’s Fool Theatre's "Stop Kiss": A different and lovely love story

Callie (Ariel Leaf) and Sara (Katie Starks) falling in love in the snow in Stop Kiss. Photo credit HM Photography.

Let’s get this out of the way right up front—you should go see Stop Kiss.  Diana Son’s play is funny, romantic and sweet—this, despite the fact that half of the play is dealing with the aftermath of a violent act that puts one character in the hospital. The chief strengths of the production are the performances of and the chemistry between the two leads—Ariel Leaf as Callie and Katie Starks as Sara. Director Ben Layne gets some great performances out of these ladies, as well as the rest of the cast. Watching these two women meet, get to know each other, and fall in love is a real treat.


Off-Leash Area's "Maggie's Brain" at The Cowles Center

Off-Leash Area's revival of their 2009 Maggie's Brain uses dance, words and scenery to viscerally capture the cacophony of noise and chaos that is going on in Maggie's (Taja Will) head. Off the bat, she is depicted as confused, with forays into communicating somewhat normally with her family at the dinner table. The odd behavior is reframed and redefined for the viewers by a skillful rewind and reboot of the dinner table scene. "Maggie, dinner's ready" and it starts over, the second time with the physical embodiments of the voices in her brain following her around, depicted in colorful fluorescent costumes. The whole scene replays with her tormenters communicating into her ear/head. What looked like disturbed communication now has reason: a form of mental illness, ostensibly schizophrenia.


Sarah Bellamy's vision for Penumbra's future

Photo courtesy of Penumbra Theatre

In two years, as Penumbra celebrates its 40th anniversary season, Sarah Bellamy, daughter of the company’s founding artistic director Lou Bellamy, will take over the reins, ushering in a new e


'Cabaret' at Pantages is a must-see

*This post contains some spoilers for some of the more dramatic moments of the show. If you’re the kind of person who likes to see your musicals unspoiled, proceed with caution.


Theater Latté Da's "Cabaret" at the Pantages Theatre: WILLKOMMEN

Cabaret has left me very confused. It left me with my jaw dropped and my nail beds thoroughly bitten. It left me humming "Springtime for Hitler," from The Producers.


Theater Latté Da's "Cabaret" at the Pantages Theatre: There was a Cabaret, and it was wonderful

“There was a Cabaret and there was a Master Of Ceremonies and there was a city called Berlin in a country called Germany. It was the end of the world....


Cabaret is Perfectly Marvelous

Theater Latté Da's production of Cabaret is ready to be added to my list of favorites. It opened on Wednesday night at the intimate Pantages Theatre.


Theater Latté Da's "Cabaret" at the Pantages Theatre: Meh

I was really excited to see Theater Latte Da’s production of Cabaret. Their production of Aida last season was one of my favorite shows of 2013.

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