Underground music takes center stage this summer

One of the problems of underground music, if you’re not 18, is going to underground locations to hear it. You find yourself at places with names like Fuck Mountain, which is not a band location but no one wants to leave that message on the fridge – “Kids, Pizza in oven. Went to Fuck Mountain. Be home by 10 pm. Love, Mom.”


E-DEMOCRACY | Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival is "Best Block Party" in Star Tribune's Best of MN

Patricks Cabaret and Harriet Brewing's 4th annual Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival was just named "Best Block Party" in Star Tribune's Best of MN issue, and we couldn't be more excited!


Even more new Twin Cities music: Chantz Erolin, deM atlaS, Bomba de Luz

I've been challenging myself to write more about the local music I've been listening to, mostly because I want to model how we can serve as our own media. I'd love to see a world where artists are always talking about one another's work, thinking critically about it, signal-boosting each other, etc. Last time, I talked about K.Raydio & Psymun, Manny Phesto, Medium Zach, and The Lioness. A few more here. I don't want to just write about people I know or work with, but this batch happens to be that:


MUSIC PHOTOS | Haim at First Avenue

Photos by Steven Cohen

On Monday, May 19, Haim played at First Avenue in Minneapolis.



Photos by Emmerlee Sherman

The OLL Blast is an annual fundraiser benefit concert presented by Our Lady of the Lake (OLL) Catholic School in Mound. In its eighth year, the Blast has been able to provide much needed financial support for OLL's technology and language programs.


MUSIC REVIEW | Mogwai bring bright light to First Avenue

Photos By: 
Todd Wardrope

Photos by Todd Wardrope

On Sunday, May 18, the post-rock instrumental band Mogwai brought their "Rave Tapes" tour to First Avenue mainroom. Not quite sold-out, the show still brought in a sizable crowd. Enough people to make the space look full, but still plenty of room to see or leave to get another drink if you were on the main floor. Mogwai have been around since 1995, and this show featured a handful of their earliest songs mixed in with some of the more epic songs from the last seven years. Based on the volume of the cheers as each song rolled out of the towering amps, I'd say they made the right choices for their set list.


MUSIC REVIEW | Rodriguez delights audiences at the State Theatre

Photos by Jeff Rutherford

Mexican-American Folk singer Sixto Rodriguez played to a sold-out crowd of 70s-era fans on his comeback tour at the State Theatre on Saturday, May 17. 


Close harmony: The singing Steele sisters reflect on love, family and music

If you know Minnesota music, you know the Steele Family. Two sisters - Jearlyn and Jevetta - and three brothers - JD, Fred and Billy. Raised in a gospel singing family in Indiana, they migrated one by one to the Twin Cities. (A third sister, Janice, lives in California.)


SOUNDING OFF ON SOUNDS | 'The Next Move' from teens at St. Paul High School for the Recording Arts

The world, an old truism goes, should sue the young for breach of promise. Not in the case of the High School for Recording Arts. Back in 2002, amazing potential was fully realized with the excellently crafted spoken word album U Have the Right. Written and performed by teens, U Have the Right used the genre to confront the issues of teen rape and domestic abuse. "It Ain't Right" by Mia R., set to music by St. Nick, is a powerful missive about a girl who avoids being sexually abused by the skin of her teeth, only to find herself the subject of lying gossip, branded a ho' when the perpetrator puts out the word that she's a tramp.


MUSIC PHOTOS | Slint at Mill City Nights

Photos by Jeff Rutherford.

"Last time we played in Minneapolis, it was 1989..." Slint played at Mill City Nights In Minneapolis on Sunday, May 11th with solo artist Wreckmeister Harmonies opening.

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