TC Weekend | Uptown, Loring Park & Powderhorn Art Festivals and much more!

Art enthusiasts will be pleased with the slew of art festivals in Minneapolis this first weekend of August. The Minnesota Fringe Festival is starting, as well as a host of other engaging events around town. See this weekend's lively roster below.

Let us know how will you spend this busy weekend by sending your photos, tweets, comments to editor [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net or tag them with #tcdpic and we'll add them to the Storify over the weekend.  If you know of an event fit for TC Weekend, use our calendar to upload the event or send an email to tcweekend [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net



SOUNDING OFF ON SOUNDS | New Indian series at Pangea World Theater transcends language barriers

(Photo courtesy of Pooja Pavan)

Splendid offerings by gifted Twin Cities based vocalist-composer Pooja Goswami Pavan, Piyaa Basey Kaun Des? (In What Land's My Beloved?): Songs of the Sufis on Blind Eye Records and kaise keh duuN (How Shall I Say?) on Innova Records are proof positive that you don't need to understand artform to greatly appreciate it. The songs are sung in her native tongue, Hindustani, yet delivered with universally compelling appeal.


Light at the end of the tunnel

One of my favorite, go-to quips when folk ask what's new is, "Well, it looks like for once the light at the end of the tunnel ain't a train comin'."


Tour de Fat: A fun event with or without beer and a bike

I know the whole focus of the Tour de Fat is beer and bikes but when you’re hanging with a 10 year old and you live pretty far away from the location, beers and bikes are less appealing than event as a whole. But I’m happy to report that Tour de Fat can be fun with or without the beer and bike.


MUSIC PHOTOS | BoDeans at the Weesner Family Amphitheater

It was another great night of Music In the Zoo July 25th as fans packed the amphitheater for a longtime Minnesota favorite the BoDeans fro


SOUNDING OFF ON SOUNDS | Paul Michell's "We Keep On Dreaming" does pop right

(Photo courtesy of Paul Michell)

Pop music is a lost art. The most cynical among us would say it should stay lost, especially here in the Twin Cities where everybody and his brother wants to have the baddest blues-rock band for miles around. Fact is, though, when it's done well, like any other genre, it's a work of admirable craftsmanship. Point in case, singer-songwriter-pianist Paul Michell's excellent six-song offering We Keep On Dreaming.


MUSIC REVIEW | Inside the music box with Tim Kaiser

(Photo by Ann Treacy) Tim Kaiser plays experimental music inside his music box at the Khyber Pass.

Thursdays continue to be the most interesting nights in Mac Groveland at Khyber Pass. That's where Tim Kaiser performed with his music boxes on July 24. Kaiser, who has been playing all over the world for 30 years, specializes in experimental music.


St. Paul's EXPO Elementary axes music curriculum

(Photo by Andrea Floris published under Creative Commons License)

EXPO Elementary parents are up in arms because their kids won’t be able to take music during the school day next year.


Diaspora soul man: Trumpeter Steven Bernstein returns to Minneapolis August 6

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Steven Bernstein: What’s not to love about a band with a tuba, trombone, trumpet and drummer?

Steven Bernstein, an accomplished trumpeter, composer, arranger and bandleader, was set to head off to Europe last week, for shows with the sensational New Orleans pianist Henry Butler and their group, the Hot 9. They were booked for the Nice Jazz Festival, in France; and on Sunday, they played the North Sea Jazz Festival, in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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