Proceeds from Minneapolis school counselor's new book fund school for poor in India

It was five years ago when Daniel Hertz felt the urgency to transform words bubbling inside him into essays and poems.


A Mission from God: James Meredith, speaking in Minneapolis August 29, goes beyond remembering the past in new book

Living, breathing Civil Rights Era history is coming to South Minneapolis’ Hosmer Library in the renowned person of James Meredith, who will read from and talk about his book, A Mission from God: a Memoir and Challenge for America (Simon & Schuster).


COMMUNITY VOICES | Letters of wife of MN Congressman Walter Judd to be published as book

Miriam Barber Judd

Miriam Barber Judd was a prolific letter writer. She could pour out her feelings and experiences much more easily on paper than propriety allowed her to in daily life.


Books & Bars gives you a buzz (of satisfaction)

Photo courtesy Books & Bars

I haven’t been reading a lot of books lately and I feel bad about that. I used to read all the time when I was younger, but there are so many things that I want and have to do that sitting down with a good book falls far on the rung of my to do list.


"Promiscuous Fiction": The stories of Jonathan Lethem get a Minnesota Fringe Festival hookup

In reviewing my first show of the 2013 Fringe, Private School, I levied a complaint I often feel compelled to make about Fringe shows: it just tried to do too much. (Maybe it’s no surprise that many reviewers of my own Fringe show, last year, complained that I tried to do too little.)


Celebrating Lao Minnesotan Artists Heritage Month

One year ago, we observed the very first Lao Minnesotan Artists Heritage Month, which was recognized by Governor Dayton and the State of Minnesota as a celebration of the outstanding internati


Minneapolis: Collapsing support beams close Webber Park Library until further notice

Jerome Ryan points out areas where he sees separations happening; he’s holding a photo of water-eroded concrete block from the Webber Park Library exterior. (Photos by Margo Ashmore)

There’s nothing like thinking your building’s going to fall down, to fuel the passions of those advocating to get an entirely new one. And since it takes so much money to maintain a temporary facility, prepare to do without until the new one can be built. We’re talking about Webber Park Library; that’s an impression, not necessarily the final word.


Taking the leap into fiction writing

Photo by Jay Gabler

Mostly, when I write these posts for this column I write about art and the local art scene because that’s what I know and it’s where the bulk of my career is centered. But since I also write frequently and my career as a writer has taken off so quickly, I want to focus on writing about writing for a bit.


On poetry and sci-fi: Lao American writer Bryan Thao Worra at San Diego's Comic-Con

“Not a lot of folks expected a Lao American poet on stage,” said Lao American award-winning writer, Bryan Thao Worra, who sat on a panel among some sci-fi greats at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend.


Reading and weeding as the garden grows

Children and gardening is a match made in heaven. They are both about starting small, growing, depending on others, and finally turning into something very special. Still, not every parent, grandparent or care provider has a green thumb. Nor does everyone have a backyard primed for planting. And some of us have little gardening wisdom to impart. Still, we have stories to share, tons of resources and glorious books to read with kids. Virtual gardening is a great option.

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