Ahmed Tharwat: The Hijab… my family and me

Hijab, the traditional Islamic head cover, has triggered lots of discussion and debate in the west for years, The west has been paying so much attention to Muslim women’s dress than Muslim women’s mind. Muslim women’s hijab comes in so many different sizes, colors and styles, depending on the country, person and culture, from partially covering the head, to the Full Monty of the Burka/Niqab which covers the full head and face except eyes.This is a Community Voices submission and is moderated but not edited. The opinions expressed by Community Voices contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the TC Daily Planet.Why the west is paying that much attention to Muslim women Islamic tradition cloth, only God and Victoria’s Secret know. The perception of hijab in the west ranges from a symbol of oppression of Muslim women by men (not an Islamic thing) to rejection of assimilation to mainstream consumer culture, labeled by some as head towel, cancer patient, to a terrorist cloth. The word hijab literally means screen or divider, but is most often used to refer to the covering of Muslim women, particularly the scarf she wears to cover If you ask Muslim women themselves, about their reasons of wearing hijab, you get different ideas and perspectives, that truly reflect diversity in cultures and personalities, reasons like ‘out of respect,’ ‘religious requirement,’ ‘uniformity,’ ‘beauty,’ ‘keeping men’s advancements at bay,’ ‘less diversion (from a certain norm?),’ and ‘for modesty’ are probably the most frequently mentioned. Continue Reading


Minneapolis trio behind ‘The Retention Strategy’ create dynamic fashion event

Let’s start with Ashley Johnson, known as “The Face” of Retention Strategy, who comes to Minneapolis by way of Detroit. Born and raised in the Motor City, she has always had a passion for community and has longed to instill social and academic events into various communities. Johnson has achieved this by creating a healthy environment for her peers and functions to inspire young individuals and encourage them to also do the same.Madia Willis, another third of the Retention Strategy, hails from Washington, DC and is known as “The Designer.” She once owned a clothing line called Biribelle that was infused with African fabric and a touch of vintage feel. She uses her talents to prove and encourage that the mind can achieve anything it is set on.Last but not least, Christopher Webley, completing the trio, is known as “The Engineer.” He describes himself as a “visionary.” All the way from North Carolina, he has nurtured his immense passion to not only empower people but to teach individuals how to follow their passion by exposing them to opportunities and resources.This article is reposted from TCDP media partner Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder. Check out the links below for other recent Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder stories:Treating Black men means healing Black womenEntrepreneur’s story of refugee hardship results in successNow, what do these three individuals have in common? Continue Reading


All sales final: Roberts Shoes going out of business after 77 years

Any time you see a Going Out of Business Sale sign, you know some lives are changing, as an institution is coming to its end. But what if that business has been in the same location, in the same family, and with only two owners, since 1937? That’s the story at the corner of Chicago and Lake, where the familiar green signs “Roberts Shoes” and “Hardly A Foot We Can’t Fit” are now eclipsed by huge going-out-of-business sale signs. That’s the main story, but there are scores of other stories, too.

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Photos by Patrick Dunn

MUSIC PHOTOS | Ziggy Marley at the Weesner Family Amphitheater

The 2014 Music in the Zoo Series is winding down with some of the strongest acts of the Season. A diverse and fun audience packed the venue to jam along with Ziggy Marley on a perfect night for outdoor music Tuesday, August 12th. Minneapolis Reggae artist Young Ry started out the evening with an exceptional set that nicely complemented Marley. Make sure you don’t let this summer pass you by without catching some great entertainment in this extraordinary outdoor setting. Continue Reading