Downtown West and East

Father John Misty furthers his myth at First Avenue

Minneapolis has seen a lot of Father John Misty in the last year. The man behind the man, Josh Tillman, and his bandmates have toured relentlessly since the release of "Fear Fun." Chances are you didn't catch them when they sold out the small 7th Street Entry, or even when they came by last Halloween to play to the always-obnoxious Fine Line audience. But if you were at First Avenue on May 21, you saw Misty and company in all their glory—giant psychedelic mural backdrop, roadie stuffed tiger, disco balls and all.


Minneapolis Downtown East development: The Yard, and the Vikings stadium

In a veritable bacchanalia of developments, we have seen three major inter-related activities in Minneapolis’s Downtown East:


Traffic study makes it clear: There's more room for bikes on Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis

Ever read a blog with an executive summary? Here you go.

Because this synopsis of the Washington Avenue traffic study gets a little wonky, here’s the executive summary:


Time for action to make Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis an asset to the neighborhood

Washington Avenue is an unsafe and unattractive barrier in the middle of downtown Minneapolis. It severs downtown from the Mississippi River, degrades quality of life in a growing downtown, and creates a hostile highway between the North Loop, Downtown, and the University of Minnesota.


"Mary Poppins" musical: Just the right amount of sugar

Walking into the Orpheum this past Tuesday night it was safe to say that I had very high expectations.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen that movie over the past seventeen years and really, once you’ve gone Disney, you can’t go back.  And after a few rough starts, it’s safe to say this show was certainly a spoonful of sugar.


"Mary Poppins" musical: Supercali-nope

When, as a small child, I was first shown the movie Disney’s “Mary Poppins” by my mother, I didn’t like it all that much.  I recently was shown it as a teenager, and I quite enjoyed it.  The catchy music was enjoyable, and I thought that the storyline was quite interesting.  Seeing the Broadway musical was something that I was starting to look forward to.  After seeing the musical on stage, my opinion on it is that I much prefer the movie.  Disney’s “Mary Poppins” is being performed at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis till the twenty-eighth of April.  It was written by Julian Fellowes and directed by Richard Eyre.


"Mary Poppins" musical: Sugar helps the medicine go down

Mary Poppins, a whimsical Disney classic, is showing at the Orpheum and it is a show you do not want to miss.


DARE to bring your children to the "Mary Poppins" musical

Did you see that title? That's right, you can dare to bring your children along to a theater production! There will be no nudity, very little destruction of innocence and childhood, and altogether shocking amounts of child-appropriate humor! It's almost scandalous!


"Mary Poppins" musical: Just a touch of magic

It was nearly three hours of my childhood playing on repeat. Mary Poppins, a musical playing at the Orpheum Theatre, is the innocence of childhood complete with the kind of magic that

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