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"Happy Double Wedding" at the Minnesota Fringe Festival: Orange is the new black tie

How’s this for a disclaimer? Happy Double Wedding is presented by an organization—Dangerous Productions—that my girlfriend has served as a board member. After the August 3 performance, we went out for drinks with one cast member; another cast member audited my sociology class at Macalester last fall. So I won’t review—I’ll just describe.


Minnesota Fringe Festival: Seth Lepore's "Firecracker Bye Bye" is a show for everyone who loves their grandmothers

“Well,” I asked Seth Lepore when I ran into him outside the New Century Theatre on August 1, “are you feeling like a confident out-of-town favorite now?” After two successful Minnesota Fringe Festival appearances by the Massachusetts artist, I thought it was a safe assumption.



CAVEAT: The playwright, Heidi Arneson, is also the venue manager for the People's Center Theater, which I have rented on several occasions.


How to improve the urbanism of the new Vikings stadium

The Stadium Implementation Committee meets July 18 and several more times in to September to advise on key design decisions related to the new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis. This post is primarily concerned about the relationship of the stadium to its surrounding urban environment. In late May Oslund & Associates presented the landscape plan for the stadium, and the following are my questions, concerns and recommendations about this plan. I hope the Stadium Implementation Committee considers the following.


Pedestrianize Nicollet Mall? or: Is transit in the heart of Minneapolis?

Almost fifty years ago, the City of Minneapolis actually did something for its residents who use transit. It created an exclusive guideway for buses down the center of the main shopping street Downtown, reducing buses’ exposure to congestion and (probably) speeding up trips (a little, sort of). Since there private cars are not allowed on this street (except for one day a year for some reason) it is the type of facility known as a transit mall, and we call it Nicollet Mall.

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