Busted Magazine: 20 pages of Twin Cities mug shots for just $1


11 thoughts on “Busted Magazine: 20 pages of Twin Cities mug shots for just $1

  1.  Jay,

    I don’t even understand where the question is ???? If you can sit there & wholeheartedly tell us you feel it’s fine to publish a picture of someone that says they have been BUSTED for child porn. meth, assault, pot, DWI, etc., that has not been found guilty in a court of law; then sir, you have lost touch with the ideals that America was founded on.

    Unless this weekly rag publishes the persons picture with a retraction of being BUSTED if & when they have been found innocent in a court of law, then they should mind thier own.  Why isn’t this published AFTER  someone has been found guilty, & there for truly have been BUSTED ?!  

    The problem with this comes down to the meaning of BUSTED by definition & what the majority of the population perceive it to mean when they hear ” Jay was BUSTED with Cocaine Monday night.

    Perhaps a simple name change of the weekly rag would end any such debate.


    Max Power

  2. To all of you asking if it is ethical to post about someone’s potential involvment in a crime or alleged acts, Yes it is. First off if you didn’t want to be put in the paper you should not have been putting yourself in the position to be accused or wanted. Second I know people who have been in this and most the time if they have to resort to putting your photo in a publication its because you are not being forthrite and talking to authorities. Another point, Americas Most Wanted has done it for twenty years. As a final point why not read it sometime its hillarious. “Entertainment value stupidity is the limit”. Ohh and for those of you saying it could be you oneday, has been falsley convicted at one point. innocent people prevail and are better for facing adversity.

  3. Unfortunetly, I have been in this magazine.  I believe in the First Amendment, & I have excepted full responsibility for my actions.  I am aware that my actions hurt people around me & I will have to deal with these consequences for the rest of my life.  

    People have lost touch with the American way.  Everyone is so quick to judge others around them & are willing to go out of their way to humiliate one another.  So much so that a member of the American Legion, mind you we are talking about a Vet, thought that it was his duty to discuss a picture with one of his underage employees.  The picture was of his mother!  

    This is how our society is today! 

  4. I don’t agree with this publication. My girlfriend was in it because she was arrested for an assault charge. However charges were never filed due to the fact the individual lied about the assault. It even said when she was booked into jail that the charges were pending. Now she has been put out to the public as a bad person when in fact she is not. Where is there an apology for the now false charges to show the public? I think we should look into a law suit since false information was published. People have rights and until proven guilty or even charged……………

  5. I just heair this story from my friends Father.  He stated that the police came to his sons house in  the middle of the night. They came inside . To give him and his wife the news about there only child.  They had found him dead.  My friends father stated that the screams from his son woke the nabors.  They came over to find out what had happen.  Police said that he killed himself. He left a note that said he was ashamed of what had done.  The father told me that the picture was in some paper .

  6. This is all completely public information. you can go onto any counties websites, see whose in jail and why they are in jail, bail information, etc. Just google the name of your county, followed by “inmate search” and you should surely find it. It is just one of the things that happens when you get arrested. All Busted is doing is going through those public record searches, and organizing it in a way that people seem to like, accompanies with some more in depth stories etc.

  7. I do refer to the subjects’ offenses as “alleged.” It’s certainly true that many of the people in Busted will be, or have been, found innocent of the alleged offenses for which they were arrested. Is it unethical of the Busted publishers to share this public-domain information about arrests in this way? That is the question.

  8. Law enforcement records are notpublic-domain information.”

    Never have been. Never will be.

    These guys scrape the internet with special software to get arrest records from law enforcement websites. 

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