Building Week projects on the farm


In my last post I wrote that this past week was “building week.” Proeun intended to request off in May but a “mistake” ended up being really valuable for us since we have so so many building projects right now and soon our time will be devoted to the fields. So here are just a few of our projects.

A horse barn came with the property and while Avril would be thrilled to have horses, mommy decided on goats. You have already met Ginger but now we have added 2 more goats. These are Nigerians which is a smalled dairy breed. Here is a secret, we are gearing up to offer a dairy CSA next year of goat milk and cheese. Anyway I would like to introduce

Raven. We bought her from Babel Brook Acres up in Embarrass. She has a great pedigree and show history and is due to kid on May 12th! So we will have babies born here on the farm soon.

We will also be milking this summer and so here is the milking stand Proeun built for me, not quite finished but I love it none the less. The design was from Homestead Revival and Fias Co Farm.

We also had to build buck housing. Kristin of Babel Brook had a friend who was selling a buck also with a very good pedigree, she simply didn’t have anymore does not related to him to breed him to. So Proeun designed this little house for him and we built it was mostly scrap lumber lying around. The kids loved painting it! I am so proud of Proeun.

Here is a close up of Shere Country Caleb.

Next year we will have alot of babies running around thanks to this guy.

We also started our greenhouse. I am so excited for this. I can’t wait till next year, when the snow is on the ground, having this great place of refugee. We have started our seeds outside but hopefully next weekend, this project will be completed.

Last but not least a little fun. We were so tired this last week we didn’t get to use it much but it is ready and waiting.

We also built a utility cart that has been a great back saver when hauling feed, hay and water around to our growing group of animals. We didn’t get to the chicken tractor yet but that is next on our list, they are really anxious to be moved out of the winter coop. I know they will love free ranging in the field. So a busy but very productive week. There is something really great about a sense of accomplishment.

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