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Was I too Black to volunteer for high-society gala?

It's 6:15 p.m. and I'm not supposed to be home right now, in full makeup and in my pjs.


Discussing Planned Parenthood at the dinner table

Are you that awkward guest at a dinner party? You know the one. S/he finds one kindly ear and latches a hold of its owner like a life preserver? I am. Meh...


Croissant comfort at a caffeinated classic: Muddy Waters


Muddy Waters logo

Do you have a favorite haunt? You know, that special 'watering-hole' or 'greasy-spoon' where your car finds itself parked, without abject direction or even precognition? No? I don't either. Until now.


It's colonoscopy time!

Here's a quirky thing: it's almost my birthday and that means it's this gal's annual doctor appointment season!


Exercise goals and the healthy vanity of it all

Well hello there, TC peeps. Long time no talk, I know! Seems years since we've connected, shared. What? It has been two years? Well lemme' tell you some'n: Exercise is good m'kay?


Clickable Solidarity: watching Egypt's revolution while wearing pajamas

As an effete, sheltered, well-fed American I joined Egypt's revolution from the comfort of my dining room. Between my daughter's violin practice, the maintenance of dogs and cats and family meal preparations, I have been unable to turn away from my MacBook's screen; it's now, my cyber barricade.


I love Peninsula on Eat Street

We are blessed to live within walking distance of Eat Street. Last night was the 9th night of my ACTHAR odyssey.


World class cities, world class streets

Walking in at the end of the World Class Streets for a World Class City, Event I (there were three) sponsored by Transit for Livable Communities (TLC) and the Urban Land Institute, I felt like I'd missed the most "massively awesome" progressive transit summit of our time.

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