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Steve Lambert: Why I'll give away my ArtPrize winnings

ArtPrize 2014 finalist Steve Lambert, as I reported yesterday, has vowed to give away his prize money—either $20,000 or $200,000—should he win at tonight's awards ceremony. His interactive mobile billboard Capitalism Works For Me! True/False is shortlisted in the "time-based" category (along with Mel Chin and others). His designated beneficiary: the LGBT Fund of the Grand Rapids Foundation. Here, in an email interview, he shares his rationale.


Punks v. Hippies: A graffiti call-and-response

Graffiti reading "Kill the hippies," which appeared on a wall in Minneapolis' diverse (and admittedly lefty) Powderhorn Park neighborhood last month, recently got buffed and re-tagged, this time in response to the first.


Ficciones Typografika: Erik Brandt's neighborhood-global back-alley design show

Graphic designer and design blogger Erik Brandt's work has been celebrated around the world. A design professor at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and a member of the prestigious AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale), his work has been featured in publications from Maurizio Cattelan's Charley (Greece) and CRACK Magazine (UK) to designboom (US) and IDPURE (Switzerland), and his client work has been just as diverse, including, but not limited to, work for artists, videographers, and festivals. Given the international nature of his design practice (and residences: he's lived in Malawi, Cameroon, Japan, Germany, and Egypt, to name a few), his latest project stands out for an opposite characteristic: its intensely local nature. He's curating an ongoing poster show in his back alley in Minneapolis' Powderhorn Park neighborhood. But in typical Brandt fashion, Ficciones Typografika offers a global lens: He's invited artists from around the world to contribute work to the 24" x 36" space on the side of his garage. A neighbor and friend, he agreed to share some of the thinking behind the project.


Pussy Riot protests around the world

No one was surprised that a Russian court found three members of Pussy Riot guilty of "hooliganism" for staging an anti-Putin punk prayer service in a Moscow church.



Posters spotted in Minneapolis:

World AIDS Day: Jim Hodges on 9/11, HIV and politics

It's World AIDS Day, and there's room for cautious optimism on the AIDS front: HIV infection rates are down 21 percent worldwide since a high 14 years ago.


Marx and Smith go to Occupy Wall Street

Mexican artist Pedro Reyes, who's been shooting a video series called Baby Marx at the Walker Art Center, recently removed the program's key characters -- puppet versions of Karl Marx and Adam Smith -- from the exhibition MORE »

Marx in Minneapolis: Soap Factory, Walker host the iconic beard

For Soap Factory director Ben Heywood, what's most surprising about the installation of Crowd Pleaser -- Ukrainian artist Nataliya Slinko's giant steelwool rendering of Karl Marx's beard -- is how few visitors seem to recognize it.


Moveable Type letterpress van stops in MPLS tonight; afterparty at the Zine Apothecary

Moveable Type -- a 1982 Chevy van loaded with letterpress equipment -- makes a pit stop in Minneapolis tonight with a workshop and talk at the Minneapolis Center for Book Arts, followed by a po

Swoon brings Haiti to Minneapolis

The artist Swoon's ties to Minneapolis run fairly deep: She helped launch the Miss Rockaway Armada from the Mississippi shores here (and did some wheatpaste pieces around town) in 2006; her work was part of the Minneapolis Institute

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