Therapeutic chicken among stress-busting visitors at University of Minnesota's St. Paul Campus

The students in my life are suffering from a particularly horrid semester, so we are grateful this week that the atrium in our building is host to several sessions of puppy (and chicken) loving. During this week of Stress Busters Magrath Library on St. Paul Campus and Animals in Healthcare are cosponsoring animal interactions which include the likes of Woodstock the Therapy Chicken and assorted canines.

Overheard today as Gopher the Dog received scratches in all his favorite places, "It looks like he is the one getting the therapy." The animals remained calm among curious students and swarming paparazzi and I was reminded that we are coming up on the third anniversary of the sad and early death of my favorite Therapy Dog, Lexi.

It is probably a good thing that we didn't have therapy animals visiting campus during finals week when I was a student. I'd have spent too many hours petting and patting and likely would have missed due dates. "The dog ate my homework. No really, the therapy dog ate my essay. I know because I fed it to him."

Learning and Environmental Sciences Building, St. Paul Campus
1954 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN

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