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Court rules some social services should be funded during the shutdown

On Wednesday, Judge Kathleen Gearin accepted recommendations from Special Master Kathleen Blatz that a number of social services be funded during the state government shutdown.


Special Master hearings yield a little good news

More government funding will flow in response to orders issued by Judge Kathleen Gearin on Thursday. The decisions are the result of a series of hearings over the last few days before court-appointed Special Master Kathleen Blatz.


Court decides what goes, what stays in a state government shutdown

On Wednesday morning, Judge Kathleen Gearin issued her much-anticipated ruling on what government services should continue in the event no state budget is in place on July 1.


Shutdown gets its day in court, but no ruling yet

The question of how the state would (or would not) function in the event of a government shutdown made its way into a courtroom on Thursday.


Remembering what’s at stake in the shadow of a shutdown

Since the legislative session ended without a budget in place, much attention has focused on the possibility of a state government shutdown and how it would be implemented. That is especially true today, when the 2nd District Court is holding a hearing on the issue in downtown St. Paul.


Court process begins for a potential government shutdown

There continues to be little progress towards a budget resolution, and key actions were taken this week to prepare for a government shutdown. Both Attorney General Lori Swanson and Governor Mark Dayton have filed petitions with the court that articulate which government functions should continue in the event of a shutdown.


A tale of two visions: Public safety

Minnesota is projected to spend around $1.8 billion on our courts, prisons and other public safety services in the FY 2012-13 biennium. Given the amount of funding for this area, the level of changes proposed by Governor Dayton and the legislature are relatively small, but they are still significant.


A tale of two visions: K-12 education

This week, we’re taking a look at the two visions that have been laid out for how to meet the state’s needs as Minnesota slowly emerges from a recession, comparing Governor Dayton’s budget (as presented in March) and the MORE »

Special sessions come with some special rules

The 2011 Legislative Session ended Monday night without an agreement to solve the state’s $5.0 billion revenue shortfall and the legislature will not reconvene in regular session until January 24, 2012.


What does $1.8 billion in cuts to health and human services looks like?

Many have objected – including us – to the hundreds of millions in unsubstantiated savings that was included in the House and Senate health and human services budget bills.

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