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Minnesota Fringe Festival - The Concept of Anxiety - Maximum Verbosity - 1 of 4 options for your phillip andrew bennett low fix

One of mom's Fringe buddies we always have to see in action each year is phillip low, and this year it's super easy: he's acting in two shows and he wrote three.  There's a little overlap, so


Minnesota Fringe Festival - The Unknown Matters - Broken Boot Theater - Who doesn't like a good sci-fi musical?

What's not to like about "Two physicists race to solve the mysteries of our time, but end up waiting around and eating snacks. A musical about dark matter, exoplanets and a grapefruit."


Minnesota Fringe Festival 2013 - First Rule: Don't Kill Mom

Though she may not look it or act it, my mom is 75 years old.  She is also a hardcore Fringer who wants to get the most out of her MORE »

$10,000 Matching Grant for Marriage Equality Tour - You Can Help

A marriage equality theater piece I’m working on currently has a matching grant offer from the Pohlad Foundation.  They’ll match any individual gift up to $500, up to a total of $10,000. 


Review - Rabbit Hole - Theatre In The Round Players - 5 stars

A dog runs into the street.  A child runs after the dog.  A car swerves to avoid the dog and ends up hitting the child by accident instead, killing them.


Suggest secret ingredients for the Smackdown

Theatre Unbound is gearing up for another Smackdown - a 24 hour overnight writing next day rehearsing and performing extravaganza of weirdness.  


Two Times 8 for a Good Cause

This is the kind of thing that makes me giddy about the Twin Cities theater community.


Days To Come (or, Theater I'm Bummed I'm Missing, part 3)

John Townsend, the critic for Lavender Magazine, has been very supportive of my plays, so I thought I'd return the favor.

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