Fringe 2011 - Top 10 - #3 - Uncle Tom's Condo

If you held a gun to my head and I could only see ten Fringe shows, what would they be and why?

#3 - Uncle Tom's Condo

I've already blogged a bit about this one because it charmed me so at the first Fringe-For-All, so you can take a look at that post here, for all the specific reasons I'm putting this show on my schedule.

Or you could just look at the goofy little video of his preview and decide for yourself.

It's hard not to like, so I'm not even trying to resist at this point.

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Matthew A. Everett

Matthew A. Everett is the playwright in residence for Workhouse Theatre Company, helping with their new play development program The Greenhouse Project and its monthly play reading series the second Monday of every month. Upcoming Readings - 3/9/15 - Deborah Yarchun's play Bomber's Moon; 4/13/15 - Christine Kallman's play A Falling Out; 5/11/15 - Play TBA; 6/8/15 - J.R. Spaulding Jr.'s play The Cutthroat Game.