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I've learned so much at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, including how much I love Ain't True and Uncle False

Some things I’ve learned about thanks to the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival (so far!!). Note that what I took away might not match the intent of the show.


OCCUPY THIS! and The Concept of Anxiety at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

If you’ve ever had questions about what exactly the Occupy movement was about, this would be an excellent show to check out.


Go see Can't Ain't Nothing but a Four Letter Word and Bump in the Night at the Minnesota Fringe Festival! Go!

I’ve loved hanging out with Erin Sheppard in the naked show I’m in (or, I’ve loved hanging out with Erin Sheppard naked in the show I’m in), and she is presenting MORE »

Vanquished, Chalkboard, Press Conference and Died in a Trailer Park at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

I procrastinated writing my blog long enough to miss the 1:00 show, and then headed out a bit late to catch the 2:30 at the Woman’s Club, forgetting about the Loring art fair.


First day of the Minnesota Fringe Festival: Now It's Art!

Hooray! It’s starting! I have to say that it’s been totally fascinating seeing this festival I know so well through the eyes of a performer.


Appearing LIVE (and NAKED) in Fashion Risk or the Accidental Nudist: my first Minnesota Fringe Festival show!

This is my tenth year blogging about shows in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. When I started, in 2004, I had never heard of a “blog,” and I needed to come up with a name.


And some I ran out of time to include on the last post...Minnesota Fringe Festival final weekend

Even more for your weekend…I feel like a lot of these have been mentioned in many other lists and reviews, but in case you need to hear it from me: 

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