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Hot dogs for breakfast

by Jean Gabler | 4/5/09 • I have news for you on some of the festivities for the Twins home opener. This information was not easy to find on the Twins' Web site; could be that they have been too busy keeping up with the injury reports.MORE »

Snow ball: For one last season, Twins will have shelter from the storm

by Jean Gabler | 3/31/09
The sports announcers have been saying it for three weeks, the players have been saying it for two weeks, and I am now ready to admit it. Spring training is getting long. The only people I have not heard this from is the coaches. I guess they would always like more time to evaluate the players (and play golf).MORE »

Major League Baseball: Do the media have more power than the fans?

by Jean Gabler | March 15, 2009 • I am watching the Twins-Yankees game on Channel 29 as I write this. I think it is nice that the Twins broadcast their Sunday games on local (non-cable) TV. The Twins are currently losing to the Yankees 5-1 in the ninth. It is harder to come back in a spring training game, as many of the starters are rotated out of the game. Gomez played center field today and has spent much of the game chasing balls to right center and left center and not making catches. The right and left fielders aren’t getting to the balls either.MORE »

Does anyone care about the World Baseball Classic?

by Jean Gabler | March 5, 2009 • It seemed like spring training was rolling along its merry way with players, fans, and the media having a grand time. And then, all at once, it hit a wall.MORE »

Spring training is not just about baseball

by Jean Gabler | March 1, 2009 • After thinking about my last entry, I felt I needed to clarify two things. MORE »

Spring training: Play ball!

by Jean Gabler | February 28, 2009 • Spring training games began on Wednesday and the Twins are off to an impressive 4-0 start, including two wins against the Yankees and one against the Red Sox.MORE »
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