Spoonbridge and Cherry, observed in Powderhorn Park at Art Sled Rally

Saturday January 26, 2013 and an icon from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture, joined other Art Sleds for the 2013 Art Sled Rally.


dad and daughter spoonbridge  daughter spoonbridge

It was not the only Twin Cities icon to be represented. First Avenue was transformed into Frost Avenue, and the Purple One performed at the top of the course before jumping onto a sled and joined the rockers that had descended just previous.

Frost Avenue  star studded

the purple one top act  purple descent

Wonders such as an unicorn, a phoenix, and a mad hatter sledding in a tea cup.

unicorn 1

unicorn hill  phoenix

mad hatter

Friendly looking creatures from out of books, as well as books themselves took on the icy sloops.

friendly-dragon_1  friendly-dragon_2


books 1

books 2

We all live in a yellow submarine, when not in powerboats or a Magic School bus. There were caterpillars, spotted dogs, sock puppets, an organic garden with a bee, a group of bees around a honeycomb. The Titanic and a Space Shuttle challenged the hill, and roadsters, jets, and a Black Stallion, a crayfish, a tent campsite complete with roasted marshmallows, a Red Hot Lipstick, and multi-passenger dragons all took their turn at mastering the hill, or have fun trying.

yellow submarine   powerboats


sock-puppet  spotted-dog

magic bus 1

magic bus 2

organic garden


The Art Sled Rally site has images of the sleds as they descended from the heights, and more information.

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