Sculpted Snow for the 2013 City of Lakes Loppet

A small portion of the City of Lakes Loppet, is the SW Journal Snow Sculpture Contest. It is configured to allow teams five hours to shape blocks of packed snow, four feet on each side and eight feet high into whimsical representations of the team's imagination. There are cash prizes for the top three judged entries. There is no fee to enter, but a deposit is refunded if the team makes an attempt to sculpture the snow block. The deposit helps to ensure that an effort is made.

Unfortunately this year about four of the 14 blocks had no takers. Two had been started but really did not see their way to completion due primarily to the respective teams not having tools suitable for sculpting the blocks. Over the four years I have recorded some of the tools others have used. At the end I have some links that may help you see some of the tools and devices other teams have used. Those images may help you get an idea of tools and possible sculpturing subjects.

The Loppet is subject to the weather. Most years the snow Sculptures are near the finish line of the Loppet races. In 2012 the Loppet courses began and finished in Theodore Wirth Park due to lack of snow. Normally  the racing starts at Wirth Park and the finish line is the Uptown area, and that was the case this year. The sculpting area was at the NorthEast tip of Lake Calhoun where the race course left the Lake and proceeded down Lake Street to the finish line on Hennepin Avenue. Info at City of Lakes Loppet

Here is an overview of some family fun, an organization's team building experience, and some experienced sculptures participating in a community decoration of the City of Lakes Loppet. Come and join the fun.

Plans or models

tree house prototype

tree house grid

flying horse prototype

flying horse scaled

face prototype

back of face prototype

speed graphic model  ball of yarn model

crooked house plans

contented gator prototype




contented gator sculpting 1

contented gator sculpting 2

contented gator sculpting 3

Hopkins High Nordic Club

Hopkins High Nordic Club



crooked little house

crooked little house and penguins

penguin sculpting

snow cowboys 1  snow cowboys 2

winged horse and face

Surly crew 1

Surly crew 2

Surly crew



a film based camea  —  a personal favorite speed graphic

 camera kids 1  camera kids 2

Glenn Terry sculpting the face

back of face

yarn ball sculpting  ball of yarn finished




Final results

Sublimes Yarn ball

Glenn Terry front face

Glenn Terry back face

Chillettis penguins

Snow Cowboys Pegasus

Snow Cowboys tree house 1

Snow Cowboys tree house 2

Snow Van Gogh contented gator

Hopkins High Nordic state chair

St. John's unfinished

Urban Achievers film camera

 Surly china doll

Snovember Smiles crooked house



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