Minne-Faire 2014 with a winning Hackmobile

Much of the Fifth Minne-Faire occurs inside so the rainy weather was not too much of a factor on Saturday, the 31 of May. I wonder how food trucks cope? If it is very wet on Sunday it will put a damper on the displaying of the specially constructed Ford Transit Connect Wagon called the Hackmobile. The local Maker group Twin Cities Maker (TC Maker) is a community group based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. They state that their mission is to make, share, and learn. They had entered Ford/Make: Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge — and their design won the contest. The Hackmobile is coming to Minne-Faire.  In the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. The Hack Factory is located at: 3119 E. 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406.

2014 Minne-Faire hackmobile rear  2014 Minne-Faire Hackmobile interior

2014 Minne-Faire Hackmobile winner

2014 Minne-Faire rear transit ready  2014 Minne-Faire Hackmobile drivers side

Unfortunately they do not get the vehicle, but they received a nice monetary prize. Read about it in The Hackmobile is coming to Minne-Faire.

There was some metal smithing going on;

2014 Minne-Faire MetalSmith Guild

2014 Minne-Faire metal fabrications  2014 Minne-Faire Metal workings

2014 Minne-Faire metal forge  2014 Minne-Faire smithing tools

2014 Minne-Faire metal smithing

2014 Minne-Faire MetalSmithing

Sparks flew with hammer hitting hot iron and lights were flashing inside too;

2014 Minne-Faire #5 hands-on for all

2014 Minne-Faire code lines for light patterns  2014 Minne-Faire moving lights

The Hack Factory and TC Makers and the exhibitors are all eager to engage in discussions. They are happy to explain the various projects and obsessions.  They Make, Share, and Learn with enthusiasm.

Daleks were trying to persuade us that "resistance is futile";

2014 Minne-Faire Dalek vertical

2014 Minne-Faire Dalek bronze  2014 Minne-Fire Dalek union Jack

there may be a Trebuchet with water balloons that could be launched with delight;

2014 Minne-Faire trebuchet launch

expert launch 


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