Minne-Faire 2013 - A Maker and DIY Exposition

Minne-Faire 2013 paper helmets steam weapons 
Paper Craft Helmets
Steam Punk Weapons

It is Science, It is Art, It is Fun, It is done by people like us! April 13 and 14, 2013, TC Makers are conducting a Minne-Faire. The TC Makers are a collection of DIY artists that explore their world using any combination of electronics, 3-D printing, metelworking, woodworking, textiles and other mediums. They have shared workspace and awesome manufacturing equipment. Classes and instructions are available and the atmosphere is of sharing and learning. Check out TCMaker.org for more information. If you read this in time for the Sunday events you might discover a world of delightful innovation.

I stopped in on Saturday the 13th, after photographing at the MayDay morning workshop. Oh so very much to photograph in both places.
I really do like Steam Punk.
Minne-Faire 2013 steam punk head gear 
Spinning mirrors bounce a laser light. Adjust the speed of the motors and the pattern traced by the laser changes. 
Minne-Faire 2013 laser patterns  
Minne-Faire 2013 light of laser  Minne-Faire 2013 mirrored light 
Minne-Faire 2013 Laser Kaleidoscope 
A can crusher, a result of a 48-hour design contest. 
Minne-Faire 2013 a can crusher can can   Minne-Faire 2013 can robot can 
Minne-Faire 2013 at The Hack Factory 
In the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. The Hack Factory is located at: 3119 E. 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406.
The food for sale held a lot of interest for some young ones. Some hand-crafted material was offered for sale in some booths. Art projects were everywhere and filled booths. This art was grounded in metal fabrications, or serious woodworking, maybe controlled with micro-switches and electronic circuitry.  Artistic sensibilities, with grease under the fingernails. Enthusiasm was spread around lavishly by youth and the aged over many projects. 
Minne-Faire 2013 music machine
The Beez Kneez displayed their "Honey Bee-Cycle"
  • first ever pedal-powered honey extractor (harvester)
Minne-Faire 2013 Beez Kneez sign 
Minne-Faire 2013 Beez Kneez honey extracteur
Some complex, yet simple machines.
Minne-Faire 3-D printer mechinations 
Minne-Faire 2013 x and y machine drivers 
Kits of electronic projects were availabe for the begining builders.
Minne-Faire 2013 motor tooth brush  Minne-Faire 2013 Bristlebots 
 Minne-Faire 2013 motors and lites  motors and lights
Minne-Faire 2013 loose in the lounge  found in the lounge
Minne-Faire 2013 wood carving a fiddle head 
Minne-Faire 2013 fiddle'n about 
Minne-Faire 2013 fiddle head carving 
Minne-Faire 2013 violin woodworking 
Building all sorts of stuff, with all sorts of material and wilth mutltiple processes.
Minne-Faire 2013 TC Makers routing 
It is about learning. It is about sharing. It is about making.
Minne-Faire 2013 TC Makers teach learn  Minne-Faire 2013 Demo Schedule

Many other sights recorded but not posted here.

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