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MayDay for 37 years has always been the first Sunday in May. For 2012, the 38th MayDay, the date is May 6. MayDay is the collective product of a very large and diverse community. It is many people assisting in a common celebration of spring and each other. During April, In the Heart Of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre opens it doors with free Public Workshops where anybody is welcome to help build the MayDay Parade. A number of opportunities are available if parading is not your thing. Even if you do not care to parade you are welcome to help make the parade props. You will learn, and most likely be able to teach.

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If all you want to do is be in the parade, there are nearly fifty positions to help transport Seed Arks carrying about 1,000 vegetable seedlings to be given away after the parade. Below are examples of many ways you can help build our MayDay, and you may also just spectate.

this year's up and commers

The Future Stars of 2012, coming to a Garden near you

Some of the stars from 2011;

seed ark carriers   seed ark in park

broccoli start  Chris, mother nature

There are other staring roles for the MayDay Parade, Ceremony, and Festival. Block Hosts help ensure safety, joyful civility, and cleanliness. It is a great small team opportunity.


MayDay 2011 Block Host


Here is a list of some of the ways volunteers help make MayDay;

Friday, April 4 — Tabloid Distributor - 5 Positions
Friday, April 4 — Van Crew - 2 Positions

Saturday, April 5 — Load-In Crew - 10 Positions

Sunday, MayDay – April 6, 2012:

Park Set-Up Team - 20 Positions
Zero Waste Green Team - 50 Positions
Labyrinth Creating -  7 Positions


MayDay 2011 Both Assistant -a  MayDay 2011 Both Assistant -b

MayDay 2011 Both Assistant -c  MayDay 2011 Both Assistant -d
Mayday Booth Assistant - 24 Positions
Sun Flotilla Docent - 6 Positions
Parade Line-Up Assistant - 4 Positions
Music Equipment Companion - 4 Positions
Parade Marshal - 30 Positions
Parade Banner Carrier - 18 Positions
Lost Child Caregiver - 4 Positions
Parade Picker-Upper - 4 Positions
Park Stage Crew - 6 Positions
Blooming Town Assistant - 8 Positions


MayDay 2010 Ceremony Donation Collector

Ceremony Donation Collector - 10 Positions

And some of the best crew members of 2011;

MayDay 2011 Park Clean-Up Crew

Park Clean-Up Crew - 6 Positions

Labyrinth Attending And Closing - 7 Positions

MayDay 2011 Tear Down Crew -a  MayDay Tear Down Crew -b

Tear-Down Team - 25 Positions

Feast Assistants - 4 Positions

Information may be obtained from where all these listed positions are explained in detail. The website also has information on Festival vendors and advertising opportunities. And of course, information on how you may contribute financially.



There are ways to contribute material items as well. Fabric is always a benefit, as is latex paint.

MayDay 2012 Big Board wish list -a

MayDay 2012 Big Board wish list -

Odds & Ends

  • electrical cords
  • baby stroller
  • Seward Coop Bags with blue leaves
  • bikes and bike parts
  • 2x4 and 1x2 wood
  • 1/2" think plywood

Clothing & Fabric

  • White, black & orange cloths
  • Gold fabric scraps and ribbons
  • White sheets
  • Large pieces of red, light blue & white fabric
  • Long fabric strips or ribbons in blue, light green, red & gold
  • Real or fake fur
  • Vests (all kinds except safety vests)

Bring items to the theatre or contact Steve at sackerman [at] hobt [dot] org with questions.

The different Parade sections have specific items they ask for. I personally found a way to recycle a multitude of vests, and a large quantity of electrical cords, and cardboard tubes.

MayDay 2012 Consider This wish list  MayDay 2012 Consider This wish

MayDay 2012 Make Do wish list  MayDay 2012 Make Do wish

Attend a workshop and you will find your way to contribute. You will discover how to create theatrical delights. 



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1500 E Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 721-2535

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