2014 Snow Sculpture Contest, plans & tools, 2 of 3

There were 16 blocks of packed snow at the 2014 City of Lakes Loppet Snow Sculpture Contest. This year each block had a team that transformed the monolith presented them into a representation of sometimes extraordinary vision. In previous years, a block or two lacked attention of any team and stayed abysmally mute.

2014 Snow Sculpture Contest block shape

Every block this year benefited from the attention and planning of the team involved. The more experienced hands displayed finesse in technique and planning, but imagination was everywhere. A refundable fee that had existed in previous years was waived this year, which probably helped getting the blocks reserved. Reserve yours early next year.
2014 Snow Sculpture Contest overview crop
It is fun to see the tools that show up each year. The teams socialize and methods and approaches are discussed and noted. It is a contest, but I have detected no ruthlessness nor aggressive competitiveness. I do believe these people can assemble and spend a winter's day working up a artistic statement that they know will soon deteriorate, just because they have found it to be fun.
No Villainy Allowed. The individual in the red recognized Gru immediately. This old guy has had to do some research. 
2014 Snow Sculpture Contest Gru recognized
I have no doubt that significant time and energy are expended in the planning and preparation phases, and the tighter the team dynamics are, the better the results. Everyone is learning and creating, with detail or concept, with novice or experienced control, with a time limit with self imposed urgency at an outdoor venue, surrounded by a multitude of people with other immediate objectives. This is fun.
2014 Snow Sculpture Contest bear ball

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