Best of Neighborhood News 1/5: Dayton proposes huge road, rail, bridge improvements


Wit the new 2017 session of the Minnesota Legislature kicking off on Jan. 3, Session Daily reports that Gov. Mark Dayton wasted no time in proposing a $1.5 billion bonding bill. Dayton’s plan is nearly $500 million more than his 2016 proposal, due in large part to a bonding bill not passing the state Legislature at all in 2016.

Some highlights from the bill include:

  • $135 million for infrastructure maintenance at Minnesota State and University of Minnesota campuses;
  • $70.3 million to renovate and expand the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter;
  • $70 million for cities, counties and townships to make road improvements aimed at reducing traffic crashes, deaths and property damage;
  • $69.7 million for projects to separate rail and motor vehicle traffic at rail crossings in Moorhead, Prairie Island and Coon Rapids;
  • $35 million for the Rural Finance Authority, a low-interest loan program for Minnesota farmers;
  • $33.2 million to fund a new State Emergency Operations Center in Arden Hills

Read more over at Session Daily.


Big expansion slated for Hmong College Prep Academy

Hmong College Prep Academy, a St. Paul-based charter school that provides Twin City students with a challenging college prep curriculum, recently announced plans to expand their current campus.

Slated for a spring ground breaking, the project will mark the school’s third major expansion since opening its doors in 2004. The upcoming expansion will include a new elementary school, playground and expanded green space.

Upon completion, HCPA’s campus will be able to host 2,200 K-12 students.

Learn more about the school and the project over at Hmong Times.


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