MOVIE REVIEW | “Battleship” hits its mark


6 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW | “Battleship” hits its mark

  1.      Finally a critic who gets the movie right. Every other critic was totally bashing this movie. Their reasons were pathetic and pointless. You explained the movie perfectly and did it justice. Other critics were just too serious with it and they didn’t enjoy the movie for what it was. So thank you!

  2. I dont go to the movies so often because i think the movies is for some movies that acctually deserve the big screen, i was expecting Battleship to be a mediocre movie because i read some reviews online, but, for my suprise this is the best movie so far together with the avengers, Battleship is action from start to finish, amazing movie, i just want to tell everyone that do not pay attention to the bad reviews, this people i dont know what they are talking about, this is a great movie and you will be suprise with the realism and the action. This is a pretty nice work Universal Studios! Well done!.

  3. I saw the movie and really enjoyed it. As the reviewer said, it was action from start to finish. My suggestion is to see a movie and make your own conclusions because too many good movies get bad raps. There is one thing I did not like about this review, however; the use of the word “Jap”. Thats more than harsh and quite racist! Yes, I know Adm Nimitz was way back when, but this is the now. We really need to clean that talk up.

  4. This movie did not replicate the game. It had fantastic Special Effects and great acting especially by the African American Young Lady serving under Commander Hopper. She was terrific. I bought the Movie and have already watched it twice.

    I hope that there is a sequel.                

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