STYLE | University of Minnesota fashion design students showcase their work with "Distortion"

Rapson Hall. Photos by Jay Gabler.

On February 19, University of Minnesota fashion design students displayed their best work in the atrium of Rapson Hall. The fashion show is an annual event; the theme of this year's show was "Distortion."

We've spotlighted the students' designs with a series of articles:

Senior spotlight: Elise Diebel
Senior spotlight: Kathryn Sterner
Senior spotlight: Allison Danzl
Senior spotlight: Tierra Oliver
Senior spotlight: Kayla Frazier
Senior spotlight: Laura Henslin
Senior spotlight: Jessica St. George
Senior spotlight: Shannon Smith
Senior spotlight: Hilary Hubanks
Senior spotlight: Kelly Ver Duin
Senior spotlight: Nick Ruffalo
Senior spotlight: Carol Lee
Senior spotlight: Niki English
Senior spotlight: Alix Nettnay
Senior spotlight: Amanda Matrejek
Senior spotlight: Heather King
Senior spotlight: Leslie Randall
Senior spotlight: Autumn Kirchman

Below are designs by members of the junior class.

Dziyana Zhyhar and Erin Hennes: "Alex"

Zhyhar Hennes

Gabby Goetz and Jennifer Robertus: "Speed Demon"

Goetz Robertus

Silvia Gutmann and Stephanie Hillman: "Blaze"

Guttmann Hillman

Andrea Sittler: "Classic"

Andrea Sittler

Erin Hennes: "Nostalgic Notions"

Erin Hennes

Laura Van Riper: "Variations"

Laura Van Riper

Silvia Guttmann: "Lady"

Silvia Guttmann

Sara Lopez: "Mod.rian"

Sara Lopez

Gabby Goetz: "Garden of Eden"

Gabby Goetz

Stephanie Hillman: "Pathways"

Stephanie Hillman

Carol Fallabeck: "Tudor Rose"

Carol Fallabeck

Jennifer Robertus: "Blooming"

Jennifer Robertus

Lizzie Hillman: "Radience"

Lizzie Hillman

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