Q: Who IS that? A: Mary O'Regan, style insider

Name: Mary O'Regan
Twitter: @moregan1
Also: maryoregan.com, artofwore.com

What's your job?
"I'm the fashion editor of METRO magazine and editor-in-chief of Minnesota Bride, Wisconsin Bride, and Arizona Bride magazines."

Other than your job, what are your claims to fame?
"I won the spelling bee in fifth grade and maintained a low level of fame until sixth grade, when I got out on the word 'beggar.' My family was also on the news around that time, because our house got carbon monoxide poisoning. Fifth grade was a big year for me.

"Other than that, I judge a lot of fashion and design competitions around town, and I sit alongside the runway at almost every local fashion show. I'm also really tall and loud."

What's your relationship status?
"I'm dating an outdoorsy fishmonger named Cory. He drools over camping gear and cast-iron skillets like I drool over Chanel handbags and Tory Burch boots. It makes for interesting conversation."

Where are you most likely to be seen?
"My favorite bars are Honey, Fusion, Grumpy's, Bradstreet, CC Club, the Independent, and Psycho Suzi's. Restaurants I frequent include Lyndale Taphouse, Origami, Brasa, Bulldog, Anchor Fish & Chips, Chino Latino, Amore Victoria, and Cafeteria. I also shop at boutiques like Cliche, Covered, Rewind Vintage, and Tatters."

Where are you most likely not to be seen?
"The suburbs. The Warehouse District. Half the bars in Uptown. Basically anywhere you'll find a roomful of frat boys in baseball caps and overly tan blond chicks gyrating to Top 40 music."

With what person or people, besides your significant other, are you most likely to be seen?
"If it's a fashion-related event, I'm often partying it up with fellow industry peeps like Hollie Mae Schultz, Christina Holm-Sandok, Jahna Peloquin, Kate Iverson, Emma Berg, Christopher Straub, and Molly and Amy Roark.

"Otherwise, my main pals include my twin sister Katy Rimstad and her husband Robert, author Matt Burgess and his fiancée Georgia Banks, cartoonist Brett Von Schlosser, taxidermist Scott Bibus and his girlfriend Kathleen Borrell, my coworker Meghan McAndrews, Kelly Krantz and her boyfriend Cory Kalinoski, and my boyfriend's fellow fishmonger, Jim Novak."

Where were you born?

What neighborhood do you live in now?

What's your ride?
"I mostly bike during summer and drive a car during winter, unless my destination is somewhere along the six bus line."

What's the best way for someone to start a conversation with you?
"Tell me about something embarrassing that just happened to you. That's actually the way I start conversations with most strangers. It's charming."

Photo courtesy Mary O'Regan

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