Q: Who IS that? A: Mark McGee, multitasking musician

Name: Mark McGee
Twitter: @makrrrr. "I never really use it though."
Websites: Kranky.net, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie on Facebook and MySpace

What's your job?
"I slang appliances...white goods. I lie to people for a living."

Other than your job, what are your claims to fame?
"I play in a couple bands: To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, Marlone, MAKr, Marijuana Deathsquads, Baseball Starz, Navy Wife, Our Names...I have a new project called Father You See Queen, which we will be playing out early next year. I run a weekly experimental improv night every Wednesday at Nick and Eddie called H.U.N.X. It includes a roatating cast of local musicians with some stable core musicians such as Drew Christopherson, Maggie Morrison, and Adam Marx. I also sometimes book events and shows."

What's your relationship status?
"I am taken."

Where are you most likely to be seen?
"You can probably find me at Nick and Eddie, the Turf Club, the Hamptons, the Hexagon, Xxxxxxxxxxxxusa, places of that nature. 1419. 7th Street/First Ave."

Where are you most likely not to be seen?
"You will never see me at a Trampled By Turtles show."

With what people are you most likely to be seen?
"I hang out with kewl kids, swag kids, raw kids, lover boys, and ride or die chicks."

Where were you born?
"Rota, Spain."

What neighborhood do you live in now?
"Northeast Minny."

What's your ride?

What's the best way for someone to start a conversation with you?
"Don't front on some bullshit. Say something interesting."

Photo courtesy Mark McGee

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