Q: Who IS that? A: Brian Balcom, theater director extraordinaire

Name: Brian Balcom
Website: newtheatregroup.org

What's your job?
"Theater director and producer."

Other than your job, what are your claims to fame?
"As a child I performed onstage at the Orpheum, the Ordway, and Orchestra Hall. Rachel Leigh Cook is a childhood friend, and I was in high school plays with Josh Hartnett."

What's your relationship status?
"A fun fact about Sir Edmund Hillary: he was the first man to travel to the South Pole by motorcycle and later reached the North Pole by plane with astronaut Neil Armstrong."

Where are you most likely to be seen?
"In a theater. As of November 1 I've seen 70 plays in town, plus 28 in the Minnesota Fringe Festival and another 32 elsewhere around the country. So yeah, that takes up most of my time."

Where are you most likely not to be seen?
"Places where the effort to look good is painfully obvious."

With what person or people are you most likely to be seen?
"Anyone who will call me back."

Where were you born?
"Seoul, Korea."

What neighborhood do you live in now?
"Near Southdale. After being publicly mocked by a postal employee at the counter I have stopped using the word 'Edina.'"

What's your ride?
"Express bus as much as possible. In the summer I have a 1982 Fiat Spider. I say 'have' and not 'drive' because it's a Fiat."

What's the best way for someone to start a conversation with you?
"Don't be a dick."

Photo courtesy Brian Balcom

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