Q: Who IS that? A: Emma Berg, mpls.art.curator.hr.consultant.designer.techie.fashion

Name: Emma Berg
Twitter: @emmamplsart
Website: emmaberg.com, mplsart.com

What's your job?
"I'm the director of mplsart.com, which also allows me to do curating for HAUS salon. I am a fashion designer under a label of my name, and I work full time at Target Corporation as a human resources operations business process consultant. Yep, that really is my job title. Fashion designing and mplsart feed my creative side while my job at Target takes care of my techie, corporate side."

Other than your job, what are your claims to fame?
"I love fashion, I love to dress up when I go out, and I'm not very good at being understated."

Where are you most likely to be seen?
"Right now, as I prepare for my next fashion show, locked up in my house designing/pinning/draping/sewing/fitting. Pre and post fashion show preparations I try to squeeze in as much art, fashion, and good conversation with friends as possible. Favorites are SooVAC, Rogue Buddha, Gallery CO, xyandz Gallery, Fox Tax Gallery, the Walker, Club Jäger, and the new Muddy Waters."

Where are you least likely to be seen?
"I can promise you that you will never find me perusing the racks at The Dress Barn."

With what people are you most likely to be seen?
"70% of the time it is one or more of the following: Kristoffer Knutson, Max Lohrbach, Jahna Peloquin, Kate Iverson, Rachel Thompson, Cassie Hanson, Charlie Brackney, Stephanie Lake, Mary O'Regan, and/or Beth Hammarlund."

Where were you born?
"I was born in Columbia Heights but grew up in Stacy, Minnesota on a little farm with no actual farming but several barns and a pet goat named Huey. It was/is a pretty magical place."

What neighborhood do you live in now?
"I own a cute little house in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood, which I adore."

What's your ride?
"10% bike, 30% car, and 60% public transit."

What's the best way for someone to start a conversation with you?
"I'm usually pretty easy to engate in conversation around art, fashion, politics, or even religion unless I'm overly distracted or just off of work. I am a pretty optimistic person, though, so pessimistic, condescending, or aggressive conversation is not for me."

Photo by Cassie Hanson, courtesy Emma Berg

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