University of Minnesota Senior Fashion Show GIFs, Part 1

A look by Misty Karges. Photos by Jay Gabler.

On February 16, graduating seniors in the University of Minnesota's apparel design program showcased their best work in a fashion show. Here are GIFs of the first seven designers' work, with descriptions from the show program.

Jennifer Voth

Jennifer Voth: "This line of laidback women's skateboard apparel utilizes the overlapping depth created by slabs of metal armor combined with stripe accents found on old school team sport jerseys."

Anna Louise Sviben

Anna Louise Sviben: "Inspired by Depression-era patchwork and utilitarian thrift, the collection pays tribute to hard boundaries and minimal, geometric forms."

Misty Karges

Misty Karges: "Inspired by the beauty, strength, and adventure of an active woman, Misty's line incorporates elements of traditional athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, and undergarments as outerwear."

Grace Lorig

Grace Lorig: "With her combined passion and respect for the outdoors, being physically active, and design, Grace Lorig traveled to India and created an Eastern-inspired line for those who live a yogic lifestyle."

Jessica Loomis

Jessica Loomis: "She pairs gorgeous floral prints with elements from the French Revolution period to give her garments a fun, romantic look."

Issa Mello

Issa Mello: "The cut of the garments and juxtaposing fabrics are the basis of Issa's collection and give a cool, edgy, and almost rebellious feeling."

Sherry Lynn Sanden-Will

Sherry Lynn Sanden-Will: "Her designs are for the bold, confident, professional woman who appreciates investing in quality pieces and desires to add color to her wardrobe."

See collections by Ashton Frith, Lucie Biros, Claire Ward, Susan Vue, Ellie Hottinger, and Kaila Bibeau.

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Too fast

It'd be awesome if these GIFs were a little slower. Looks like some cool stuff, but too hard to tell from the GIFs.