Fred Phelps Is Coming

Rev. Phelps says God hates Minnesota, the "land of the sodomite damned."

The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., plans to stage protests at funerals of victims of the 35W bridge collapse to state that God made the bridge fall because he hates America, and especially Minnesota, because of its tolerance of homosexuality.

The church and its pastor, the Rev. Fred Phelps, have become notorious over recent years for their claim that the attack of 9/11 was an act of God's vengeance and their determination to make that case at the funerals of U.S. soldiers who died in Iraq.

In a press release issued the day after the bridge collapse, the church called for protests at the funerals and outlined its feelings about the relationship between God's plan and the sins of Minneapolis and Minnesota, which it calls the "land of the Sodomite damned."

Reached at the church, Shirley Phelps Roper, who is both the daughter of the pastor and one of the attorneys for the church, said that America, and Minnesota especially, have alienated God by its tolerance for homosexuality, and that the bridge collapse was an act of God's vengeance. She said:

"The bridge stood in place by the word of God and it fell by the word of God...Each of these little events is just a harbinger of the coming destruction of this American experiment. We are delivering the final call of the doomed nation."

She said, as they have done for years, members of the church would stand "lawfully and peacefully on the public right of way" near the funerals and "put in the air words of praying and instruction and warning."

The signs that the protesters will wave will read:

"God cast down the bridge... Thank God for 9/11... America is doomed... God hates fags... God hates fag enablers... God hates Minnesota."

  • I HATE THESE PEOPLE! WHY DON'T THEY LEAVE THESE PEOPLE THE HELL ALONE? ANOTHER THING I HATE ABOUT THESE FALSE PROPHETS, THEY BASH PEOPLE WHO DIE FOR THEIR FREEDOM, AND FRED PHELPS AND THE OTHER RIGHT WING NUTJOBS STILL SPIT IN THEIR FACES! I would like to send Fred Phelps, Margie Phelps, and Shirley Phelps to Afghanistan and see how it is like to be spat on. - by Dan Olson on Wed, 04/03/2013 - 11:06pm


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Fred Phelps is Coming

As we have seen in the past, this "HATE" group will protests at the opening of a bag of cat litter. It is not about God or Freedom it is all about hate. Just one more time around the block about hate. They just are an unhappy lot.

Mr. Phelps you make me

Mr. Phelps you make me ashamed to be called a Christian. In my world and obviously not in yours God would love the sinner(A Human Being) but hate the sin. I have one question for you, since our Dear Friend Jerry Falwell has died are you trying to take his place in that poor excuse of a "Christian Organization"? In closing let me suggest you get into your Bible and READ WHAT GOD SAYS ABOUT SINNERS and not just trust that brain of yours. Bill


These people should be ashamed. How dare they!

Fred Phelps

As a gay man... and this is going to sound strange at first, bare with me. I'd like to thank the westboro baptist church and the phelps family for everything they've done to advance LGBT rights in the United States. Every time they stage a protest, it makes Conservative homophobes everywhere squeamish... they don't want to be tied to Mr. Phelps' hate group. While they don't want us (LGBT's) living in their neighborhood, they gradually realize we're entitled to civil rights protections... which Mr. Phelps, with his 'church', already has. So... keep your hateful, disgusting, inhuman protesting going Fred. Before you know it, I'll be able to get married to my Husbear in Topeka! (hell, I'll even invite Fred and family!) So much for God hating fag enablers huh? You're one of the biggest of them! Bravo!

We kept them out of the Bay

We kept them out of the Bay Area by proposing a special Fred Phelps/Aids research donation project: for every minute that the Rev. Phelps and his crew were here and spewing their vicious rhetoric, sponsors would pledge a certain $$ amount to AIDS research. Funnily enough, they decided not to come.

Bravo to you!!! I wrote

Bravo to you!!! I wrote them about their attempt to come here to Minneapolis. I was sure it fell on blind eyes, but it made me feel better to write to them about thier sick views. You have made a fabulous point and I applaud you for whom you are and what you had to say!! Thank you!

Seration of church and state

WIth this band of merry christians, does anyone need to ask why we must stand firm and keep church and state separate? There are many 'brands' of christianity, and with no separation, Westboro Baptist's might one day end up the official, government-sanctioned religion of America.

we are all responsible

Phelps and his clan are attention whores. Any organization that gives this hate monger an ounce of coverage or attention is giving in to their bile and terror. The accounts of their organization should be frozen and their money given to the families of those that the Phelps have defiled.

You will be happy to know

You will be happy to know that our media in Minneapolis covered none of their attention striving shenanegans. If they actually were sick enough to show up, I'm sure they were met by our proud and compassionate citizens who helped keep their message from the grieving families.

Rev Fred

Just when did he talk to God about this. May his god is the one with horns


I have just one thing to say: "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

If Shirley Phelps Roper and

If Shirley Phelps Roper and her insane sect of their church want to use hateful protest at an already grevious event, doesn't anyone else think it's time for the civilized America to strike back and "peacefully and lawfully" protest their church that obviously has a lack for morals?

Are you kidding me?

Ok. There's faith and then there is just stupidity. What are we going to take as a sign from God next? Someone's car crasing into a homosexual's car? This is ridiculous and there needs to be a stop put to this. Let the victims be put to rest IN PEACE. Minnesota is not the only state with people in it that tolerate homosexuality. Get over it and let the victims' families alone. They don't deserve protesters outside their loved one's funerals. By the way, when the bridge collapsed, what do you want to bet that not everyone that was a victim was homosexual? If that's the case, what was God saying then?

Self righteous

The state of MN should do something about this. The victims have had enough trauma. A funeral is no place for a protest. I sure hope that all of the organizations that are out there, bikers, and all kinds of groups, ban together to line the streets so that Fred and his disgusting group wont' have any room to protest! Keep it peaceful and honorable people. These victims and their families need you.

Where are the Kansans?

Why do the good people of Kansas tolerate this and allow it to go on?? I know that there are indeed some backward folks in Kansas (e.g., the recent Kansas textbook/creationist issue) but when will the good, decent people of Kansas put an end to this? Not that I am urging anything, but there are ways to penalize him and his inbred family -- his is not a church, but a political organization. Remove all tax breaks and make sure he is paying full tax on all his properties. Cite him under every single public nuisance law there is, each and every time. And a little non-violent vigilante activity... well, that might be nice, too. Remove the children from the toxic environment. You get the idea. Public scorn and barriers to his hatemongering are needed. This isn't free speech... it is incitement to action, it is hurtful, anti-God, anti-Love speech.


The group came to Fairport, NY to protest the memorial for the five high school grads killed in a tragic car crash and im happy to report the media didnt give them one second of attention on the news or paper...all these crazy ppl want is attention and unfortunately they get it sometimes...dont worry about them only 4 showed up and everyone ignored them and they left before the end of it...God Bless the victims of I-35

God Hates Phelps

God Hates Phelps America is damned for letting that demon stalk our cities.

let's make signs of that.

let's make signs of that. protest them. ha

what is wrong with you people.

Why don't you people keep this to yourselves. This country is a free country. If you want a free country go else where. There is no need for you to go and protest especially at a funeral. All I see is you people going to hell... The bridge did not fall because of god, get your facts right... It is called wear and tear if you have ever heard of such a thing. Just for you I hope they make it legal all over the US for gay's to get married. Who are you to say, who people can love... I feel for your children and hope you rot in hell.....

Freedom of Speech should be

Freedom of Speech should be protected. However, their group is always looking for new members and obviously that is going to be their downfall. There will come a time when real individuals will infiltrate these groups and produce an ideological implosion. This is not the only group that needs pruning from the inside out and is also not the worst. We are all very good at sounding liberal in a dinner party but hushing up when someone is called faggot or nigger. Walk in with a crewcut, a kind conservative tongue and take them on. Bring a weapon (for self defense).

I live in Kansas. Should I

I live in Kansas. Should I go punch him?

Oh, there's no need for

Oh, there's no need for that. Just sit him down and read him the Bible. The version he's never read before.. you know, the one without all of the stuff he's added in about "fags"

450,000 Strong

If I were Fred Phelps. . I don't think I would be showing myself here. At Pride this year there were 450,000 people. Now If I were Mr. Phelps I would be afraid to walk into a city with 450,000 GLBT people and supporters and claim that God knocked down the Bridge because of them. I don't think so and I would be very careful if I were him. His little army against 450,000 people probably won't last too long.

born and raised

I am downright disgusted to know that these people have nothing better to do than make our tragedy worse. I am born and raised here in MN, so what if there are homosexual people here....Im sure there are some in Topeka as well, as a matter of fact Im sure they are everywhere! I'm proud to live here and have been raised here. Im proud to raise my child here too! How would you like someone to picket your sons, daughters, parents, grandchildrens, and other loved ones funerals! Its a time to let people grieve and cherish a memory, its not about making a point. go stand on an f*n corner and picket somewhere else. I love that we live in a country where freedom of speech is allowed but there should be some conditions and a place to draw the line. If you hate your own country so much that you think it is a damned country then go somewhere else.

grace of g-d

It embarrasses me to see all this hate talk coming from people who claim to be good Christians. As a Christian myself, when I see things like this, I am often reminded of Ghandi's quote that goes something like...."I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ." I think that's how the quote goes. Anyway, when I see things like this, I cringe and I think of that quote and I hope that one day, these people will see the love and grace of G-d that they hypocritically, and ignorantly, preach about so fervently. gahhhhhh.


Phelps and his family would have you believe they are just holy servants of God, doing His bidding in a lost and vile world. Their background belies that fantasy. Google: LOVING GOD'S HATE, an expose by the Topeka Capitol-Journal, and ADDICTED TO HATE to read what the Phelps don't want you to know. A few of the many items in Loving God's Hate: several of Phelps' estranged children have publicly asserted they were severely and freqently abused by Phelps; the details of Phelps' disbarment by both the Kansas Supreme Court and the Federal Courts for repeated unethical conduct; the details of several successful lawsuits filed against Phelps for owing large sums of money. On successful suit was by a candy vendor who was owed more than $5,000. The expose further stated the Phelps children were made to sell the candy until late into the evening and in bad weather. The pressure was so intense, the children sometimes stole in order to have money to turn over to Phelps. Addicted to Hate tells the pitiful story of the death of 17 year old Debbie Valgos and Phelps' joyful reaction to the news of her death.

please stay away

I looked at their website and wrote a kind(YES KIND) letter asking them to please just stay out of our state. If anyone else, no matter where you are from, could do this too I would really be greatful. I believe in Karma and although I wanna strangle these people I know that's what they want, to see me, a supposedly "godless" woman act how they think I would. So Instead I am sending them my love, knowing that they will get what they send out, sent right back into their hate-filled little hearts.

Don't be a hater!!

"God hates people who promote hate in his name."

These people need to read the word of God.

This cult claims they know God, they claim they know the bible, they claim that God hates the world. Well if they believe that God hates the world, but they also beleive the bible, then John 3:16 what dose that mean to them? John 3:16 For God so LOVED THE WORLD that he gave his only begotton son(jesus) that whosoever (that means anybody, gay,lesbian,black, white, ect.) believeth in him should not persish but have ever lasting life. KJV. That verse is key to sinners understanding that God loves them. Also in 1st John ch. 3 verse 23 says "and this is the commandment, that we should beleive on the name of his son jesus christ, and LOVE one another, as he gave us commandment!! Chapter 4 verses 7 & 8. "Beloved let us LOVE one another: for LOVE is of GOD; and everyone that LOVETH is born of GOD, and knoweth GOD" 8 "HE THAT LOVETH NOT, KNOETH NOT GOD; FOR GOD IS LOVE" These are just a few scriptures that talk about love. Love is the theme of the bible, God loving us so that he sent his only son to die for our sins.!! I dont hate these people, I love them because they need christ. without jesus in my heart i am no better than they. It's my prayer that God will convict them of their hate and sin and that they will come to know him as their lord and savior. It makes me sick and it boils my blood but I cant hate these people because I know God can save their souls before its too late. They say America is doomed?? their own souls are doomed if they dont turn from their sins and repent and ask jesus into their hearts. It breaks my heart to see the kids being brainwashed. America needs to pray for this body of people daily without ceasing. We need to pray for our country for good leadership. I do not support Gay marriage but I love them just as christ loved me. I would sit and eat dinner with gay person because who am i?? Just a sinner saved by Gods wonderful grace. As christians we need to stand strong in what we believe but at the same time have the love of God in our hearts to see souls come to christ!!! If you want to know how to be saved e-mail me at mhblueridge [at] yahoo [dot] com I love you and I love America, we are so blessed in this great country. I thank God for our military!!! Thank you for reading. God bless

Counter Protest!

Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Minnesota on Saturday August, 18th. They will be in Mankato protesting yet another Army Staff Sgt.'s funeral. When I heard this I was absolutely appalled. I am organizing a PEACEFUL counter-protest! Please email me if you would like more information. This isn't okay for them to be disturbing this funeral. What this family does is down right sick. They teach their children this hate speech. I will be there to peacefully counter-protest them ever chance I get! Please email me if you are interested: herald [dot] maeowyn [at] gmail [dot] com Thanks, Bri P.S. The guy above was right...He is the biggest "fag-enabler" there is! Thanks Fred....Maybe now I will have the right to get married to the woman of my dreams! Yes, Fred, I am a PROUD lesbian! GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Who is anyone else to judge but the one above!! It is up to God to make all the final destinations and decisions not anyone of us down here on earth. We all have differences and beliefs and certain religions say certain ways are right but the one that remains the same between all is God is our creator, he has planned out our lives for us on earth and we should not plan others. You have no control of your destiny so with all your hatred you are the one lost. Put your energy into something more meaniful than hate - it will not get you anywhere in life on earth, heaven or hell. Why make others lifes worst for your enjoyment and pleasure of hatred. All these worldly events on your side may be as you say informational for certain needed advances in our lifes but it's certainly not a time to make people feel horrible for who they are and who they have lost. This emotion you portray to yourself/followers is inhumane. For all you know..maybe there was a (as you call) fag hater that passed away from one of these frightening and alone deaths that is just like yourself, did they deserve to die? No, again only God can make that decision not any human.

God sees all sins

I know these people are hard to deal with,but one day,they will get their reward.God doesn't hate,He loves,totally,unconditionally.I grew up in the Bible Belt,and when i had a very hard time in my life,and had to make a very hard decision regarding divorce,the people at church judged me for it.Do you know who loved me without asking any questions?A wonderful family from Minnesota,who God just happened to bring into my life.The son stayed by my side through all of my trials.He is now my wonderful husband.His mother loved me like a mother should.She is now the best mother-in-law anyone could ask for.I moved to Minnesota for a while,and after living and working in the South,I was shocked to find how kind,non-judgemental and caring the people of Minnesota are.Loss of life is not something to rejoice over.The Bible tells us NOT to be glad over someone's misfortune.God doesn't rejoice when someone experiences great loss.He grieves with us.These Phelps people should go back and reread the Bible.But it probably wouldn't do them any good,because hate colors their opinions and comprehension.One day,whether in this life or the next,they will be made to understand that they were the ones who were doing wrong.For their sakes,I pray that it will be in this life,for the sins that follow you behind in judgement are the ones that send you to Hell.There is no place for hate beyond the gates of Heaven.There is only love there.


The fact that this cult thinks that everytime something horrible happens that God did it because he hates America is disturbing. God is a a wrathful God but more so he is a loving God. My question is what are they going to say once someone in their family dies or say 6 of them die in a car crash? Who is doomed then? what are they going to do then? Are they going to hold up their signs at their families funerals? Give me a break! These people crave attention and the best thing to do is ignore them because us getting angry and voicing our opinions just feeds them to keep going on. They(the whole church body) well i cant call them a church, this cult, needs jesus. When, if ever they come to to christ(jesus) the love of God will be in their hearts and if they have enough humility they will apologize to america. I think it's all funny, I watch the vids on youtube and crack up but at the same time it boils my blood. As for counter protest above, go ahead but remember do it in peace I'm not sure if you are christian or not (from above) but if you are dont ruin your christian testimony. People should protest them holding up signs 10 times bigger saying "GOD IS LOVE" and "GOD LOVES GAYS BUT HATES THE SIN" put scripture from the bible on signs. I would do that but I cant go to minnesota. Oh well until they come to my town peace be with you all. God bless.


Hey Rev--- My Gay cousin is my best friend and I hope in my lifetime he gets to marry a boyfriend and I am chosen to be his Best Man. I will be so proud to be in his wedding on his special day --I will send you pictures of us in the wedding party. And I hope I meet a great woman and get married, too so he can be my Best Man as well.

The biggest lesson I learned

The biggest lesson I learned from my religion teacher in college... BEWARE THE CHRISTIANS.